'Nashville' Recap: Can Rayna and Deacon Find Happiness Together?
'Nashville' Recap: Can Rayna and Deacon Find Happiness Together?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Shout it from the roof, Rayna and Deacon are absolutely adorable together on Nashville. Not that there was ever a question about that. They have oozed chemistry since the show's premiere and when they woke up the morning after, they didn't disappoint. Meanwhile, Juliette's life spiraled out of control, as she asked, "Why Don't You Love Me?" 

Juliette Spirals Out of Control

Dante crushed Juliette's confidence when he seduced her, stole her money, and then ran off with someone else. She was determined to keep the situation quiet by hiring a security firm to handle the situation. She couldn't take the embarrassment if the con went public.

Juliette's CMA nomination wasn't even enough to brighten her day. She drank her anger, humiliation, and depression away. Only it didn't really go anywhere, it just lingered all around her. 

She dismissed Marshall's offer to help promote her CMA nomination as not enough. She finally revealed that Dante was "fired" or "quit." Marshall recommended she get call Glen to help her through the nomination, but she refused his advice.

Juliette pushed Deacon too far and he quit. She felt unloved and abandoned once again. Avery covered for Deacon and when she put the moves on him, he pushed her away. She couldn't "even pick up a roadie." Despair engrossed her.

She stumbled into her house and her mother was there to help her. Will Jolene stick by her daughter and help her through this? At this point, she needs her mother. The situation only got worse when Dante called and blackmailed Juliette over a video he made.

Just when Juliette seems to get her life together, she either self-destructs or goes looking for love and validation in the wrong place. Will she be able to get out of this with her career intact? A CMA win would certainly help.

Rayna and Deacon Finally Reunite

After finally admitting their feelings for each other, Rayna and Deacon had a splendid night in bed together. They seemed to never want to leave the bed. That would have been the best move in order to maintain a loving and happy moment.

When Rayna found out she was nominated for a CMA, it also wasn't the priority for her, but unlike Juliette, it was because she was so happy with Deacon. That was until she returned to the real world.

Both her sister and Teddy gave Rayna a tough time about getting back together with Deacon. They both feared that she would reveal the secret about Maddie's parentage and wanted her to end things with him.

Their pressure caused Rayna to feel guilt over the secret and Deacon sensed it. After a few happy moments together, Deacon stormed off in frustration when Rayna kept quiet. After quitting his job with Juliette, he contemplated what to do next.

He jumped into Rayna's limo and confronted her. He said he didn't care if she told him or not, their love for each other was all that mattered. With that, they returned home together and sang a beautiful song.

Gunnar's Headed Down a Dark Path

Gunnar went to record his brother's song and the record producer loved it even though he didn't buy that he was that dark. Gunnar played it off well. When Scarlett got home from the CMA party, she heard the song and loved it.

When she later found Jason's notebook, she questioned Gunnar about using his brother's song and he dismissed her concern. It's a way for him to be close to his brother and pay tribute to him, even though he knows it's wrong to lie about the authorship.

The situation with Will also hasn't helped. Gunnar needed a friend and when Will made a move on him, that changed everything. At least, he's not concerned about Willl making a play for Scarlett.

Just when he needs Scarlett's love the most, he is pushing her away. 

Odds and Ends

  • Maddie's initial rejection of Teddy was so authentic. It was great to see both parents encourage her to go with him despite her anger towards him. It was great to see her happy and smiling by the end of the night.
  • Coleman quitting as Deputy Mayor was unexpected. Teddy was surprised, but if an investigation is coming it was the best political cover.
  • Was Coleman right about Rayna being Deacon's addiction? It makes sense, but in this case it's a mutual relationship instead of him pining away for her. It could end in disaster, but Deacon owed it to him and Rayna to give them a try. It's been 14 years.
  • How did Rayna and Teddy hide Maddie from Deacon? He knows how old she is. Why wouldn't he think he's Maddie's father? That doesn't make much sense.
  • Poor Stacey. She thought that her and Deacon had just hit a bump in the road. It was heartbreaking to see him break up with her. At least she got a dog named Sue out of it!
  • The song Rayna and Deacon sang at the end over the montage was gorgeous.
Are you happy that Rayna and Deacon got together? Do they have any hope for happiness? Will Juliette ever find love? Could she be good with Avery? Is Gunnar going to follow in his brother's path?

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