Nashville Recap: Two Secrets Are Exposed While One Gets Buried Deeper
Nashville Recap: Two Secrets Are Exposed While One Gets Buried Deeper
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Will takes the ultimate step to keep his sexuality a secret. Juliette and Scarlett clash on tour together, Luke and Deacon both find out a secret that will impact their futures.

The drama was in full effect on Nashville tonight in the episode titled "Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down". It was all about covering up the truth and finding out the truth for your favorite characters as a wedding took place, a new tour was born, and a star struggled to keep her private life private. 

Big News 
Rayna sends Scarlett out on tour with Juliette, Avery of course is going with them. He will be there for Juliette as her man and Scarlett as her producer, yeah that is going to go real well. Rayna make sit very clear to Juliette she needs to make some noise and win back her fans one city at a time on this tour. This little advice does not go over very well with Juliette, but she takes it all in stride. 

Will and Layla return from touring with Luke and share their big news with Gunnar. A stunned Gunnar agrees to be Will's best man at the wedding, which will be any day. The couple is so in love they just can't wait to get hitched. 

Deacon returns from touring with Luke for a hot second, Megan is thrilled to see him. She is happy her guy is home and landed himself on the cover of a small time Country magazine that gives him rave reviews. The duo have a little 'I missed you' sex. 

Rayna's newly dropped single is not doing very well at all. It is not getting much playtime on the radio thanks to Jeff Fordham and Rayna's association with Juliette. In order to help her sales Rayna agrees to do a live stream of her performing Ball & Chain with Luke at his Nashville concert. Despite the fact that Rayna is not a fan of social media she is going to use it to help her company. Luke informs Rayna his son Colt will be at the concert and the couple decides to introduce their kids. However, once Rayna learns Colt is all about social media she makes it clear to Luke she does not want any pictures or information about the girls on social media. 

Fighting Words 
Maddie is not thrilled to go stay with her dad for a week. Teddy finds out that Maddie lied to the nanny in order to go have a guitar lesson with Deacon and is mad. At the lesson Maddie calls Deacon dad, but Teddy banging on the door interrupts the moment. Teddy barges into Deacon's house to take Maddie home. He fills Deacon in on Maddie being grounded and once again reminds Deacon that he is not Maddie's parent. He tells both Maddie and Deacon that Maddie will no longer be attending Deacon's concert with Luke the next night. Later Rayna calls Teddy to talk to him about letting Maddie go to the concert so she can meet Luke's son. He reluctantly agrees but makes it clear Maddie will leave with him once Rayna is done performing. 

Juliette vows to give a killer performance on her first tour date and she does. The place is packed and the crowd is all hyped up watching her strut her stuff on stage. However once she learned hat Avery skipped watching her set to work with Scarlett her mood does a 180. Then when the working duo bail on going to the after party with her, she gets fumed! Jeff informs Will his single has surpassed Rayna on the charts, no doubt due to all the airplay it is getting thanks to Jeff. 

Jeff wants to know the real reason Will is having a shotgun wedding. He doesn't buy Will's answer of love but toasts him anyway. When Will returns home after meeting with Jeff Gunnar confronts him about dragging Layla down with him as he lives a lie. Will insists that there will be no more guys but Gunnar basically calls BS on him. Will gets angry and throws a bottle at Gunnar, who immediately kicks Will out of the house. Will's day gets worse when Layla informs him that her parents will not speak to her if she gets married. She breaks down and questions whether they are doing the right thing. Will is obviously worried about himself, and convinces her that not only is getting married the right thing to do, but they should do it that night, just the two of them. Poor dumb Layla is fooled by him and agrees to tie the knot after the concert. 

Concert Time 

Colt is not all that impressed with Rayna or the girls at first. The girls are left alone with Colt who ignores them at first. However, once the girls start singing for him and making music by slapping their hands together his interest is peaked. In fact, he records the girls then mixes some beats in. Without anyone knowing he puts the clip up on his social media page, which does not make Rayna happy. Luke orders his son to remove it from social media. 

After the previous night's concert does not get reviewed, Juliette is on a warpath, and Scarlett is her number one target. The two disagree about what songs Scarlett should sing on her set. Juliette wants her to sing upbeat songs and make some noise. But Scarlett has some slower more ballad like songs she wants to perform. In the end, Juliette reminds Scarlett that Juliette is the headliner and Scarlett needs to listen to her. In all honesty Juliette was jealous that Avery was focusing so much attention on Scarlett and when she feels threatened her nasty side comes out. 

On stage Scarlett pulls a Juliette. She tells the audience that Juliette Barnes wants her to make some noise but that she is more of a quiet artist. Scarlett heads to the piano and plays a lovely ballad that the audiences loves as Juliette watches extremely unhappy from the side of the stage.

Honesty Not Always The Best Policy 

Colt and Maddie bond over parents not being cool. Maddie lets Colt know that Deacon is her dad. When Maddie sees Deacon she lets him know that she wants to spend more time with him and not just at guitar lessons. 

Teddy shows up to take the girls home but neither Daphne nor Maddie wants to leave with him. Deacon and Teddy exchange words causing a scene as they fight over Maddie. Rayna rushes over to them and asks them to not cause a scene. Teddy agrees to wait backstage until the show is over. 

Luke shows Rayna the video that Maddie put online as Maddie Clayborne. Rayna is not happy with her daughter. A tearful Rayna pleads with  Maddie to take the video down as she tries to explain that it is for her protection. Maddie remarks that Rayna just doesn't want the world to know she has an illegitimate daughter. Rayna gives Maddie a heartfelt speech about how much Teddy, Deacon and she really want Maddie. Rayna explains that they all love her, but the situation is new and private and that Maddie doesn't need the world weighing in as she tries to figure things out. The two make up and hug it out when Maddie agrees to take it down before it gets out of control. 

Scarlett's stunt on stage only fuels the fire between the two ladies, who then fight about Avery and how Scarlett hates being on tour. Scarlett pleads with Juliette to fire her because she wants out. Juliette says it won't happen because Scarlett's sensitivity and raw nerve will make her great. Juliette makes it clear still that she is in charge though before the two kind of make up. At the after party Juliette tells Avery that she thinks that Scarlett is high, but he insists there is no way she is on drugs. Juliette also admits to Avery that she is terrified because he has his heart, which he can destroy. He of course swears he won't do that. 

Deacon, Will and Luke all perform together. While they are on stage Jeff talks to Gunnar and reveals his instincts are telling him Will is gay. Jeff is only concerned about his business, obviously. Gunnar covers for Will saying Will has caught more tail then a rabbit hunter. 

Teddy tries to talk to Megan at the concert but Megan is pissed at the way he is treating Deacon. Megan tells him it is like he is having an imaginary lover's quarrel and that what they did was a terrible mistake. Deacon walks in on them about the time Megan says all of this. It takes him about a second to realize just what she is talking about. He almost punches Teddy but doesn't. 

Gunnar finds Will and Layla at the wedding chapel. He pulls Will aside to tell him about his conversation with Jeff and how he covered for Will. Gunnar stays to watch the two get married and looks on as Will plays up the marriage for the reporters. 

Luke is hurt that Rayna didn't tell him about Deacon being Maddie's father. Rayna basically says it was a private family matter and she would have eventually told him. For now though she just didn't want Maddie to sort it all out in the public eye. Luke wonders if Rayna has sorted out all the stuff with Deacon. Rayna lets him know she and Deacon have history, but Luke is her present and she hopes her future. Luke tells her she needs to go figure it out with her family first, but that he  hopes she is his future too. It is seems like they are going to take a little break. 

Rayna calls Deacon to talk about Maddie but he is fighting with Megan. As Deacon packs a bag to leave his own house, Megan pleads with him to not throw all the good things in his life away. She is basically tells him to not go get drunk, so he won't ruin his relationship with Maddie and his new career. Deacon leaves bag in hand and fully enraged.

Nashville airs Wednesday night on ABC at 10PM.

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