'Nashville' Recap: Tragedy Strikes with Two Deaths
'Nashville' Recap: Tragedy Strikes with Two Deaths
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Good fortune seems to come with knockdowns on Nashville. No one is allowed to be too happy, while the level of despair has no bottom. In "A Picture From Life's Other Side." Rayna's happiness with Deacon was too good to be true, right? While Juliette's current troubles were made permanent when a sacrifice was made.

Rayna's Good Fortune Hits Some Bumps

Rayna was getting divorced from the annoying Teddy and finally gave into her feelings for Deacon, so everything should be glorious, right? Not if Teddy has his way. He walked in on Deacon playing music with the girls and exploded.

He's jealousy of Deacon hasn't stopped even though he's divorcing Rayna. Though, he also has reason to fear Deacon. He's Maddie's real father and if that gets out, he could lose her. He will do anything to prevent that, including getting a restraining order against Deacon.

At least, Rayna's renewed relationship with her father has some perks. Lamar contacted a judge, who expedited the hearing on the restraining order and dissolved the order. Rayna wasn't messing around.

That Maddie is quite the eavesdropper. She overheard Teddy telling Peggy he loved her when he was having an affair and now she overheard her mother say the same thing to Deacon. Rayna told Maddie the truth that she's seeing Deacon, but didn't go into any details even though Maddie asked about their prior relationship.

For a reason that wasn't very clear, Maddie was suspicious and looked through her parents' papers and found a paternity test, which has her questioning whether Teddy is her father or not. That storyline took the fast track. 

The family is in for some drama when the truth comes out. Though, in the end, it could be for the best. If handled well, Maddie could gain a second father, but it not, it could explode.

Rayna Launches Her Label and Scarlett's Career

Rayna was ready to launch her label with Scarlett, but still wanted to add a male performer before announcing. She held auditions, but none of them wow'd her. Scarlett had mentioned the auditions to Will and he crashed them.

Since Will dropped Scarlett's name, Rayna allowed him to perform for her and she loved him. It looks like he will be signing with her label soon. Well, that's as long as she doesn't find out about his arrest with Gunnar. Or, doesn't care. That could be a wrinkle in his plan.

When Scarlett performed at the Grand Ole Opry, Rayna announced her new label and that Scarlett was her first signed artist. The performance was amazing and Scarlett got a standing ovation. Rayna's personal life may have hit some bumps, but her professional career was going exceedingly well.

Poor Juliette

After being scammed out of money from Dante, he came back and blackmailed her with a sex video. He wanted $2 million and she agreed to pay it for the video, but he changed his mind and wanted $10 million.

Juliette was destroyed by Dante and took it out on her mother. When the price was raised to $10 million, Juliette decided to release the video herself, so he wouldn't get any money. She recorded a statement and set up an appearance on the View.

Jolene couldn't stand to see her daughter go through this. She wanted to fix this for Juliette. She got drugs, took them, and called Dante. She told him that Juliette wasn't going to pay the $10 million, but she had the $2 million to give him.

They arranged to meet. Jolene snorted some drugs and when Dante showed up she shot him.  She called Juliette and told her, "When you were a little girl you had a beautiful light about you." Jolene disconnected the call, destroyed the SD card with the video and then overdosed on drugs. 

While Jolene thought she was protecting her daughter, she really made matters worse. Now, at least the story of the video will get out. Juliette will have to suffer the guilt of losing her mother and be truly alone in the world. The poor girl has no one left now.

Other Highlights

  • Gunnar continued to act like Jason in order to get his record made and on the radio waves. He played at a club and Will showed up to try and talk some sense into him. Instead they got into a fight with other guys at the bar and ended up in jail.
  • Scarlett bailed them out of jail, but told Gunnar she couldn't be with him. She said, "I fell in love with you and not your brother."
  • Will apologized for trying to kiss Gunnar and told the story about how his father kicked him out. Will is lost in the world and doesn't know where he belongs except for on stage performing. They make up and all is good.
  • Tandy attempted to oust Lamar from the company board, but he outsmarted her.
  • Avery helped Juliette with a song. Then, showed up at Scarlett's Opry performance. He sent her a whisk to give her courage. Back in "Someday You'll Call My Name," he had her sing into a whisk to help her get over her fear of singing. He has really turned around from his selfish, arrogant days.
Next Wednesday is the Nashville season finale and it's sure to be a whirlwind. It's the Country Music Awards and both Rayna and Juliette have personal crises to contend with. Will they be able to find any joy in their nomination?

Plus, will Gunnar and Scarlett be able to work through their troubles? Or, will Avery be there by Scarlett's side again? As much as I've loved Scarlett and Gunnar together, he's just not in a good place right now. Even though Avery has turned his attitude around, I'm not sure that he's right for her either.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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