'Nashville' Recap: Too Far Gone
'Nashville' Recap: Too Far Gone
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Tonight's Nashville showcased the aftermath of Lamar's release from prison and Juliette's non-apology. Both have lasting affect on those who love them.

In the episode titled 'Too Far Gone," Deacon gets ready to record his live EP, while Rayna faces the truth about not only her father, but her sister as well. Will continues to hide who he really is and it will cost someone. 

Small Town Girl With Big Dreams 

Zoey gets all dolled up and heads to an audition to be back up singer. However, she is shut down quickly because she has no demo or headshot. 
Scarlett is exhausted from recording with Liam. She sleeps through her call time for Rayna's new music video. On set, she pops a couple of pills to give her energy. Her whole demeanor changes and people are beginning to notice. Later that night at the Bluebird, Scarlett is overly bubbly to Juliette and Zoey, that raises some eyebrows for sure. 

After watching everyone around her working to achieve his or her goals Zoey gets bummed out, especially after her audition. Thanks to a pep talk from Gunnar and a "My life is perfect" speech from Scarlett, Zoey goes back to the back up singer audition with a recording of her singing in church. She is not turned away this time. 

Looking Out For Number One 

Jeff has decided Will's album will drop May 1st, the same day as Rayna's album. Will is buried in demos but none of them feel right to him. Gunnar shares a song with Will that he wrote about Will's struggle and the night on the train tracks. Will doesn't see how it relates to him, but asks for Gunnar help in the studio picking songs. 

Brent shows up at the studio and it is tense. Will tells Brent all the songs he is sending over suck and kicks him out. Gunnar is worried about Will's reaction to Brent. He thinks it is clear to anyone something is up with the two men. That of course freaks Will out, he beckons Jeff and lets him know he can't work with Brent. Despite having done nothing wrong, Jeff fires Brent, you know, to keep Edgehill talent happy. 

Gunnar lays into Will for getting Brent fired. He thinks he got through to Will when he hears him in his room playing the song Gunnar wrote. No such luck though when Gunnar tells him he killed that song, Will makes it clear no one will ever hear him sing it. Yes, Will's attitude and anger are starting to get the best of him as he continues to bury who he really is. 

Let's Make Some Music 

Deacon asks Avery to engineer his Live at the Bluebird EP. The two spend some time working together and when Avery gets home, his whole apartment is changed courtesy of Juliette. The singer decided to hide out in her new man's apartment all day and redecorate for him. Yeah, the former Country It girl is all about shutting out the world. She is going to quit everything before it quits her. However, Avery is not too keen on playing house, especially when it involves her changing his decor. Despite his best efforts to get her to come to the Bluebird for Deacon's show, Juliette declines. He left her with the words, that just because she closes her eyes doesn't mean she is invisible. Not really profound words, but they did the trick because she ended up attending. 

Deacon is tense about his live EP recording. He and Megan keep missing each other because of her big case. She promises to be at his recording though. 

Megan and Teddy have meeting in her office. She lets him know the Feds are beginning to believe Teddy's theory. He isn't convinced Lamar will get convicted. Megan comforts him by holding his hand and telling him not to lose hope. About this time, Deacon walks in, and he is not happy to find them together. Teddy leaves and despite Megan letting Deacon know that Teddy is part of a case she is working on, Deacon loses it. He is not thrilled Teddy has been taking up her time. In fact, he lashes out at her calling her "a tragedy junkie who latches on to people with problems to make her feel better about herself." 

At the Bluebird, Deacon is in rare form. He decides to slash the song he wrote about Megan, which just so happens to be his best song, according to Avery. As Deacon becomes tough to deal with, Avery reminds him that he has a lot riding on the recording and he needs to fix whatever is bugging him. Deacon takes the advice to heart and calls Megan. She comes to the show and they kiss and make up, after her gives her a serious apology. 

In the end, Deacon's show was a big hit. The crowd loved it, as did he. After the show, Deacon learns Avery and Juliette are a couple and is ok with it. The show reminded Juliette she and Avery make good music together. The two decide to get back in the studio and make some music. 

 A Family Crumbles 

Tandy pays Rayna a visit on set of her new music video. The sisters chat about Lamar being released from prison. Rayna insists her sister attend a little gathering that Maddie and Daphne are throwing for Lamar. However, once she sees him, Tandy makes a quick excuse to leave. Maddie and Daphne play a nice little song for their grandpa. 

Later, Teddy comes over to talk to Rayna. He lays it all on the line about Tandy being the one who was working with the Feds to get Lamar convicted. He also let Rayna in on his theory that Lamar tried to have him killed but Peggy paid the price. 

Although Rayna thinks it is Teddy's grief talking, she decides to have chat with her sister alone. Tandy does not deny her part in Lamar's arrest, and reveals to Rayna that she wanted him to pay for killing their mother. Tandy shares what the US Attorney office told her when they asked her to help them take down Lamar. She also gives her sister the information that the private investigator she hired came up with. 

Once she is done reading the file from Tandy, a very mad Rayna makes a beeline for her father. She point blanks asks him if he killed her mother. Lamar breaks down while telling his side of things. Rayna's mother was leaving him for good and he couldn't have that, you know, cause he loved her and all. He followed her in his car but she sped up causing her to lose control of the car. When Lamar reached the car there was nothing he could do to save her. He panicked, left her there and headed to Louisville where everyone thought he was. Rayna lets it be known Tandy knew and that is why she is mad at him. Lamar wants the three of them to get past it and be a family. Rayna is not having it and blatantly asks Lamar if he tried to have Teddy killed. Lamar attempts to skirt around the issue saying he was in prison, Rayna asks if he had Albert hire someone to kill the father of her children. When Lamar just sits there, she lets him know he is no longer welcome in her life or the girls. The next day, she lets Daphne and Maddie know that she, Tandy, and Lamar need some time away from each other. 

An out for revenge Lamar shows up at Teddy office. The two men have words as Teddy lets Lamar know Tandy was the one who was helping out the Feds all along. He then promises Lamar that he will pay for Peggy's death. Lamar begins to clutch his chest and has a heart attack while Teddy looks on with a very evil vengeful look doing nothing. 

Nashville airs on Wednesday nights on ABC at 10PM. 

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