'Nashville' Recap: The Ultimate Stare Down
'Nashville' Recap: The Ultimate Stare Down
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Nashville sure knows how to stir up conflict. Even the one happy moment, in "We Live in Two Different Worlds," when Gunnar and Scarlett got their writing deal ended in a fight. Though, Gunnar did hook up with Hailey and she was all for it being a casual thing. Win for him!

This was the first Nashville episode that didn't revolve around the music. Rayna's performance with Deacon was the only song and it didn't take place until around 45 minutes into the episode. I missed the music a little, but all the stories were strong enough that it worked.

The Stare Down Over Rayna

I still don't get Rayna and Teddy's marriage. She says she loves him, but everything she does reflects just the opposite. That was quite the steamy dream she had about Deacon! Has she been faking it with Teddy all this time? Or, has something changed to make her question her marriage now?

There's been no indication that Rayna has ever physically cheated on Teddy with Deacon, but perhaps she has. Lamar and Teddy were despicable to Deacon. There behavior was even more intolerable since he was there to help them. Deacon's sponsor and good friend, Coleman is running against Teddy and he was still there to perform.

Deacon's stare down with Teddy was awesome! Deacon was getting a kick out of it, while it just drove Teddy crazy. Loved it! It's too bad that move may cost Deacon his job and friendship with Rayna. Though, I'm not sure Rayna will be able to go through with firing him.

Besides, what will happen when Rayna finds out about Teddy's relationship with Peggy? It was unclear if they were having an affair or if they were just conspirators in the embezzlement or whatever financial fraud Teddy was covering up. 

I'd love to see it come out soon, so Rayna can move on with Deacon, but that's not going to happen. It will be dragged out probably forever. I just hope the journey is a fun ride.

Oh, Juliette!

Juliette thought she had problems before, but the you-know-what hit the fan after she was caught stealing a bottle of nail polish. Her refusal to address the issue wasn't going to mean it would go away. If anything it got bigger and bigger.

The GMA interview was the gasoline on the fire. I actually blame her publicist for Juliette's poor interview. Sure, she reminded her to go over the notes and to tell the truth, but wouldn't a good publicist do a mock interview and actually prepare her client? Juliette had never dealt with a negative situation like this before.

Between the negative publicity, having her mother around, and losing her tour, Juliette was a mess. It's not surprising her manager wanted to leave her. Though, in a way, that was weak of him too. When the money comes flooding in, he stands by her, but the second it gets rough he ran for the door. No wonder Juliette craves for someone to stand by her side. 

At least he decided to stay after Juliette said she would do whatever he asked of her. Could that mean opening for Rayna? I hope so, because I really would love to see the two of them on tour together.

In the premiere, Juliette came across as a snotty diva, but over these first four episodes she has been much more developed. I feel bad for her. She has no friends as she said other than people that want to be seen with her. 

As much as, I don't think Juliette and Deacon are right for each other, they both are hurting and need someone who understands. They could be the cure for each other in the now, though the hurt down the road could be so much worse.

Scarlett's Jealous Men

After praising Avery for helping Scarlett with her studio work, he destroyed what little good will he gained from that. He just can't get over his own ego, can he? Scarlett has supported him and his dream all these years, yet he won't do the same for her.

He was an ass to her and if they didn't have a history together, I'd tell her to drop him immediately. Though, Deacon had much better advice that Avery would either keep up or get left behind. The worst part is the Scarlett is naturally including him in her success.

When Gunnar showed up to give her the good news, she didn't hug her writing partner to celebrate their success, instead she went and hugged Avery. And, she didn't do it because she didn't want to hurt Avery's feelings, she did it because she loves Avery.

Poor Gunnar just stood there in dismay and a tad jealous. She should have hugged him and congratulated him first. Even though he has feelings for Scarlett, he has been honorable and hasn't done anything to threaten Avery.

At least, Gunnar got some loving from Hailey. As Scarlett and Gunnar get closer together in their writing sessions, it will be interesting to see if they magically get pulled into each other's arms with Avery and Hailey watching from the outside.

In the end, I was happy to see Scarlett take her uncle's words to heart and demand that Avery support her just like she has all these years. She doesn't deserve to be treated so poorly by him. He needs to step up or step out of her life.

Do you think Rayna will be able to fire Deacon? Will the answer to Juliette's problems be a tour with Rayna? And do you despise Teddy and Avery as much as I do? Or, am I overreacting?

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