'Nashville' Recap: The Struggles of Being a Musician
'Nashville' Recap: The Struggles of Being a Musician
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Tonight's episode was all about the various struggles of being a musician in the country music scene. Some were personal struggles, some were professional struggles, but one thing is for sure, things are never as they seem in the music biz. 

The show centered on the tour of Rayna's latest man Luke Wheeler, which also features Rayna's protege Scarlett. Although there were plenty of other people involved, it was all about Scarlett and Rayna's issues.

The Music Biz Isn't For Everyone 

Although supported by her uncle Deacon, who came out to see her first tour and her ex-boyfriend Gunnar, Scarlett still struggles with her first concert. The good girl with the heart of gold flopped her opening night. Partly due to nerves, thanks to Jeff letting her know she answers to him now that Rayna could not buy out Highway 65, and partly due to some sound difficulties. 

Needless to say, the booing crowd had a serious impact on the new artist. Even though Deacon and Gunnar tried to console her, it was Rayna's words of wisdom that got her attention. Those words basically being her recounting all the struggles she had on stage when she first started out, being booed, people throwing things, guys wanting to see her boobs, you get the point. 

It isn't until Scarlett helps Gunnar write a song for Luke that she seems to find her groove. See, poor Gunnar was not having any luck writing a hit song for Luke Wheeler. And as you will recall he needs to do, in order for Jeff to give him a spot at the big Nashville Music Festival. Despite his best efforts, Luke wasn't feeling any of Gunnar's song. Of course Scarlett overhears her ex-love having troubles with a tune and offer some advice. The two sing the song together and guess who is listening, Luke and Rayna. 

After getting back to roots so to speak by singing and writing with Gunnar, Scarlett takes the stage on night two and owns it. The girl rocked that stage but despite having a killer night alone in her hotel room, she wonders if she is cut out for the music world. This set up will be good yet probably a drawn out and redundant storyline. 

Rayna, Rayna, Rayna 

I realize that Rayna is one of the characters that Nashville centers around, but tonight was full of Rayna storylines. The biggie was her war with hunky Jeff, played wonderfully by Oliver Hudson. Seriously, he is a guy you should hate but he makes you kind of want to love him. 

Rayna is served with court papers insisting she hand over the master to her album she did with Liam. If she doesn't, she will be held in contempt of court. Obviously she is not thrilled with this development but reluctantly agrees. 

At the concert Rayna has many words with Jeff. From telling him there was no need for lawyers to get involved, to accusing him of sabotaging Scarlett, to demanding to what it is that Jeff is after. Jeff holds his own revealing that he doesn't like Scarlett and that his goal is quarterly earnings.

Yes, see in the end Jeff is a businessman who is in it for the almighty dollar. He goats Rayna with a new marketing campaign for her album that's basically using her accident to make money. It was a ridiculous photo of Rayna rising from the dead with the slogan "Rising From The Ashes." Demented yet very much a business move. 

When she wasn't battling with Jeff, Rayna was consoling Scarlett, being yelled at by Deacon (who thought she was pushing Scarlett too hard), oh and hitting the sheets with Luke. The woman does some of her best talking things out in bed, I have to say. It was just after their little hotel rendezvous that Luke and Rayna heard Gunnar and Scarlett singing their new tune. A light bulb goes off in Rayna's head. 

The next night she and Luke sing the new song and the crowd goes wild. Jeff is pleased with that and Rayna convinces him that she will let him release the song digitally if he gives her back her album. It is win win since Edgehill will make a ton of cash off the duet and Rayna gets to release her album on her own time. It looks like there is a cease-fire between these two, for now anyway. 

Other Nashville Happenings 

Juliette turns down Olivia's advances. This does not sit well with Mrs. Wentworth, who reveals that she and her hubby are into some kinky things. These two are all about threesomes as well as Charlie watching while Olivia has some girl on girl action. Juliette is appalled to learn this and kicks Olivia out of her hotel room. 

After learning all about the real Wentworth's, Juliette makes a beeline for Nashville where she jams with Avery. The music sessions turn to a heart to heart where she spills all about Charlie and Olivia. Avery encourages her to start standing up for herself against people like the Wentworth's. 

In a very unlike Juliette thing to do, she actually listens to Avery and heads to tell off the Wentworth's. Charlie seems shocked at what Juliette is accusing them of but is quickly shut down by his wife. Olivia and Juliette exchange some trash talk before Juliette leaves. She and Avery later toast her actions. However, that is not the last she has seen of Charlie, he shows up professing that he is in love with Juliette. 

In a smaller storyline, Teddy talks to Peggy about a doctor appointment for the baby. He wants to go with her to her next appointment. This puts Peggy in panic mode and the next thing you know, Teddy gets a call from his wife that she is cramping. The mayor comes home to find blood all over. His wife tells him she had a miscarriage. Now fans know this is not possible because she already lost the baby, so that means that devious Peggy faked the whole miscarriage. Girl got fake blood and everything. Poor Teddy is clueless as he lets his wife know he is in it for the long haul with her. 

Nashville airs Wednesday nights at 10PM on ABC. 
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