'Nashville' Recap: The Stakes Are Getting Higher
'Nashville' Recap: The Stakes Are Getting Higher
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Rayna and Juliette's new business partnership hits quite a few bumps in the road on tonight's Nashville.

These two former enemies doing business together is going to make for some great entertainment.  
In the episode titled "We've Got Things To Do" Deacon is given a great opportunity, Teddy and Maddie are at odds, and Will makes a big decision about his relationship with Layla. Plus Scarlett and Avery just might be back in business, professionally speaking of course. 

Teddy Knows Best or So He Thinks 

When Maddie is more focused on music Teddy lays down the law that school is more important. He takes her guitar away. At her guitar lesson with Deacon, Teddy asks Maddie's bio dad to support him in his whole 'education is the most important thing' fight with Maddie. Deacon agrees and even tells Maddie to cut Teddy some slack since he is grieving. 

After seeing Megan at Deacon's house, Teddy goes to her office with some excuse of wanting her to run a task force for his Victim Offender Reconciliation program. She sees right through him and declines his offer. Megan tells him once again she is with Deacon and her one-night stand with Teddy was nothing but a mistake. 

Once Teddy learns Maddie didn't finish her homework project like she said she did he grounds her. During their heated words Maddie tells him she wants to go live with her real dad, ouch. Teddy grounds her for a month. She later uploads a video of her singing her new song on the Internet under the name Maddie Claybourne. 

Let's Work Together 

Juliette and Rayna's first official Highway 65 meeting does not go well at all. Juliette wants to release her song "Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet" on digital download. Rayna wants her to write songs and make a great album first. Oh, and Rayna makes it clear the best thing for both of them is to not announce Juliette has joined Rayna's label. She thinks the announcement should come in like six months so they can build off of Rayna's new album publicity. Oh, and Rayna lets Juliette know that Will needs to be kicked off the rest of her tour. 

Scarlett wants Avery to produce the rest of her album. Rayna gets on board, however Juliette does not. In fact Juliette gets really pissed when Avery tells her about it. The two fight, and she accuses him of being OK to ride Scarlett's coattails, but not hers. Avery leaves pissed but later comes back. He basically tells Juliette that he will turn down the deal if that is what she wants, but he really wants her to not want that. If it wasn't bad enough that girlfriend is laying on guilt trip to him, Scarlett lets Avery know she really needs him for her album. 

Big Party, Big Opportunities 

There is a big party for the official release of Rayna's new single. Scarlett takes more pills as the nerves of meeting the press get the best of her. 

Once Luke learns Deacon is on a crappy motel tour, he offers him the opening slot on his tour. Deacon talks it over with Megan, she has been distant and he thinks it is because of his being on tour. Little does he know she is a cheater. Despite the strain to their relationship Megan tells Deacon he should go on the tour because it is great opportunity. 

The party is a big success for Rayna and the press is all about her new album. Juliette on the other hand gets pissed when she learns Rayna is focusing on all her time on Scarlett and is trying to sign other lesser known artists. We all know when Juliette gets mad she makes bad decisions. This one is a doozy, she gets up on the stage in front of the whole party and gives a nice tribute speech to Rayna and announces she is Highway 65's newest artist. 

After Juliette's little stunt at the party Rayna comes clean with Juliette about just how much is on the line for Rayna with the label. Juliette apologizes for her actions and agrees to listen to Rayna. That night Rayna is singing at the Opry and decides to have Juliette sing a duet with her. Even though Rayna gives a great speech welcoming Juliette to Highway 65, the audience is not so receptive to the duet. 

Secrets Secrets Secrets 

Gunnar is psyched about the band, but Avery bails because Gunnar was too intense. Zoey thinks the band should be more for fun. Gunnar wonders about her change of heart so she spills that she has been auditioning and may have landed a gig as a back up singer on tour. Gunnar gets jealous that everyone is making their singing career come true, while he is still writing songs. He is supportive though when Zoey doesn't get the job. 

Layla hires Brent as her new manager much to Will's dismay. First thing he does is tell Layla both she and Will are off Juliette's tour. Brent gets her a gig at The Franklin. While watching Layla, a guy asks Will for his autograph. Turns out the guy went to the same high school as Will. The conversation turns awkward when the guy asks Will about his old band partner Travis. It is pretty clear Travis was more than just a guy in a band with Will. Brent overhears the whole conversation. 

Once Layla is done with her set Brent reveals he thinks Will and Layla should go on their own tour together. Will is hesitant because of Jeff and Edgehill, plus he just learned he was going on tour with Luke Wheeler. Layla questions their relationship when he declines to go on tour with her, especially since they are not having sex. Girl is starting to think their relationship isn't real. 

Brent pays Will a visit to let him know the more famous he gets the harder it will be to keep his secret. The bigger he gets the more chance that someone, like the guy from high-school, will spill Will's big secret. Even though he doesn't admit it to Brent, his words got to Will. In fact, he told Gunnar he had to do something to ensure if there was a story that came about him that no one would believe it. He apparently figured out how to make that happen because he proposed to Layla, she said yes obviously. 

Nashville airs Wednesday night on ABC at 10pm. 

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