'Nashville' Recap: Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud
'Nashville' Recap: Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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The one thing I love more than anything on Nashville is the incredible singing. The vocals on this show are just truly spectacular and I'm not an avid country music fan by any means, so that's really saying something. It's also what makes the potential loss of Rayna's voice all the more devastating. After almost a solid month of wondering will she or won't she sing again, "Don't Open That Door" ironically opened the door to all of our questions and finally gave fans some answers. But were they what we wanted to hear? Oh, and did I mention someone gets thrown into the slammer? Let's dig in!

Nobody Puts Rayna James in a Corner

Jeff is convinced that Rayna's singing days are through since she's pretty much side-stepped every opportunity to get back on that stage. He's demanding she give him the masters of her new album, which leaves Rayna with two options: she can either give into his demands or buy the music rights herself and walk away with everything. So in a fit of desperation, she turns to dear ole Daddy Warbucks Lamar for a little extra help (and by a little, I mean a whopping $20 million). He happily agrees, which leaves Rayna in the clear to go off on her own.

But nothing in Nashville is ever that simple. Rayna crashes Luke Wheeler's benefit concert to announce that Juliette is now the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Juliette is thrilled, but her moment gets stolen away after Luke asks Rayna to sing a song. Of course, Rayna's been working a vocal coach to improve her voice, but up until now we had no idea what it would sound like...until now, that is. Though she struggles with it at first, the crowd began singing along with her, giving her the extra jolt of strength she needed to really belt it out like old times. Boy did I miss that voice! Seriously, it gave me chills.

It's enough to get Rayna so pumped up that she tells Jeff that she's done working with Edgehill Records and she's taking her new album with her. Too bad she didn't wait one more hour for that declaration since her investor has just been arrested on federal charges. Yup, Tandy finally made a deal with the U.S. Attorney's office and offered Lamar up on a silver platter with evidence of extortion, racketeering, the works. So now that his assets are frozen, Rayna's money problems are far from over.

Betrayal is Bit**

Scarlett is once again struggling with her newfound fame. The little doe-eyed artist may know how to sing, but when it comes to presenting herself on the red carpet and in front of the public eye, she's a bit rusty. So the album decides to bend the truth a bit for the benefit concert by turning Scarlett's not-so-interesting story to fame into something the public will love (ah, the joys of PR). But while Scarlett's reviewing her note cards before the big red carpet event, Layla gives her a little pep talk by ripping the cards up and telling her to just be herself. Scarlett, being the naïve girl that she is, takes this as an act of friendship, but really it was anything but.

While out on the carpet, Scarlett goes completely off book like Layla suggested and...let's just say it doesn't go very well. Jeff pulls her aside and tells her she can either stick to the script or she can leave. When she responds saying she just wants to be herself, Jeff has her escorted out -- with Layla gleefully smiling in the background. Looks like she'll get Will and his giant bear hugs all to herself now. But Will noticed how much not-so-sweet Layla took pleasure in Scarlett's embarrassment and calls her out on it.

Hopefully he doesn't stay mad at her for too long though since Layla's made him her new love interest on Twitter. Fans are already going crazy over the idea. Jeff suggests they use this to their advantage since they're both now booked on Juliette's tour and will be spending plenty of time together. He encourages Will to pretend they're an item, even if it's not necessarily true. He agrees, but you can tell he's not really into it...probably he's still into his ex-boyfriend who's kinda like his boss's assistant. So yeah, this isn't going to get complicated at all, I'm sure...

Meanwhile, Juliette overhears Luke Wheeler insult her music behind her back during a private chat with Rayna. Feeling betrayed, she offers Avery his old job back on her tour, but he declines, claiming that he wants to work on his own music for the time being. So she offers up her place for him to stay whenever he wants. (Is anyone else starting to seriously ship these two?)

New and Old Flames Unite

Avery and Gunner are starting their very own bromance to jam out together, which is both precious and highly unexpected given their whole Scarlett history. They start playing Gunner's latest song he's written, but Avery thinks it would sound even better if they brought a female vocal into the mix. Enter Zoey, who we know Gunner's been seriously crushing on these days. Even Avery picks up on all the sexual tension during their first session together. Zoey stays later to chat with Gunner, who admits that he wrote the song for her. They start making out, which leads to clothes coming off, which leads to...you know. But she left without saying goodbye the next morning, so it's unclear how exactly this whole thing will play out.

Deacon and Rayna finally get some screen time together when he goes to check up on her after learning about her potential vocal problems. It's a quick scene, but very sweet. He admits that he's retiring from music since he's not going to be able to be anyone's guitar player anytime soon. She tells him that he doesn't need to be someone's guitar player, but he should never say that he's done with music. He tells her to do the same, which leads to him tinkering on Scarlett's piano. So there's still hope we can get some good performances out of this handsome cowboy somewhere down the line. It's so nice to have Sober Deacon back. Let's hope he's here to stay.

Revenge of the Wrong Kind

Tandy goes to visit Lamar in jail, where she discovers that he thinks Teddy is behind his little trip to the big house, believing that he cut a deal with the DA when Lamar sent the Feds knocking on his door during the whole custody issue with the Rayna's kids. He promises that to make Teddy pay for what he's done. Little does he know he needs to look a bit closer to home...

What did you think of tonight's episode of Nashville? Did you find yourself feeling bad for Juliette? Will Lamar find out Tandy's involvement in his arrest? Are you thrilled Rayna has her voice back? Sound off in the comments below!

Nashville airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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