'Nashville' Recap: Relationships Crumble
'Nashville' Recap: Relationships Crumble
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After a couple episodes establishing the Nashville world, we finally got a glimpse inside what makes these characters and pairings click in "Someday You'll Call My Name." The biggest surprise of the night came from Avery and it was pleasant outcome.

Juliette's Path to Destruction

Juliette may be rich and a successful singer, but her personal life is a disaster. She saw her salvation in Deacon. She wanted him to be the rock both professionally and personally that she so desperately needs.

They make beautiful music together and if she could have forgone the "exclusivity" clause in his contract, she may have been able to keep him at least in some capacity. He wasn't willing to let go of Rayna entirely and he made the right decision to turn down Juliette.

Between Deacon's rejection and her mother moving in, Juliette rebelled and stole a bottle of nail polish. What an idiotic thing to do! I don't like that the show went this direction, but I'll withhold final judgment until I see what they do with it. 

Will Juliette self-destruct? I mentioned this in the review of the premiere, I'd love to see Rayna take on a mentoring role for Juliette. They could both learn so much from each other, but especially Juliette from Rayna. 

Juliette's nail polish incident may be just what was needed to get Rayna push up to the headliner of a joint tour. 

Rayna's Past Steamrolls Her

Rayna can no longer hide her feelings for Deacon behind her steel exterior. After singing at The Bluebird Cafe together, a fire was lit for both of them. Their meeting in the park was the first time in years they expressed their true feelings. Though, I'm not really sure what they decided.

It seemed to me that it ended with Rayna saying she should let him go, but she couldn't. Is that what you got from it as well? With Deacon turning Juliette down, it will be interesting to see what happens with Rayna and Deacon's tour. I'm guessing it is off, but nothing was clear on that. 

One issue I have with Nashville through its first three episodes is quite a few reveals are happening for characters at this time. Yes, it's a television show and we need to learn about the characters, but it's a little sloppy. From the tension in Rayna and Teddy's marriage, to the stuff with her father, to Teddy running for office, etc. I'm enjoying the show enough though to overlook this.

Rayna's mother had an affair and that's why her father had an issue with her and her music career. It's unfortunate that they weren't able to work out their differences even a little bit. Her father is a control freak and Rayna wants to be free from him.

With Teddy running for Mayor, Lamar will never be too far away. One intriguing twist could be that Lamar isn't Rayna's father at all. When he was looking at the picture, I considered the possibility that Rayna's father is her mother's lover. 

Avery Steps Up for Scarlett

At the beginning, I was rooting for Scarlett and Gunnar to get together. They are cute together and complement each other perfectly when singing, but I may have shifted a little tonight. Instead of the jealous boyfriend, Avery really did right by Scarlett.

He has plenty of reason to be jealous. He's wanted a record deal for a long time and now Scarlett gets a demo offer after writing a song on a whim? That's gotta hurt. Plus, she is partnered up with a good looking guy and they are singing love songs. 

In the end, he didn't want to stand in Scarlett's way and he helped her overcome her fear and supported her when she needed it the most. Could he have ulterior motives? Possibly, but I think first he was there and helping because he loves Scarlett and wants to see her succeed.

The music was gorgeous again this week. I liked the Juliette-Deacon duet, but absolutely loved the song Scarlett and Gunnar sang at the end. I could listen to it on repeat for days and never get bored. 

Is there a couple you want to see get together? Would you like to see a Rayna-Juliette tour?

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