'Nashville' Recap: Who Does Rayna Love?
'Nashville' Recap: Who Does Rayna Love?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Love and heartbreak were in the air on Nashville this week in "Take These Chains from My Heart." The heart wants what the hearts wants, right? Truths were revealed and some lead to romance, while others caused pain, but did everyone make the right decision?

Rayna's in Love

Rayna reunited with Liam to work on new music and she asked him to come out on tour with her again. After her father's near death experience, she was ready to move on after her divorce. She kissed Liam and then he asked her to go away with him to St. Lucia.

At first she wasn't sure it was a good idea, but ended up agreeing to go away on a long weekend with him. During her show, a fan asked her to sing one of her older songs that she wrote with Deacon. Liam knew the song and they sang it together.

Deacon was in the audience with Stacey and become extremely agitated at the performance and  left. He never returned to the show and Stacey confronted him about whether he was over Rayna or not. He said he still loved Rayna, but wanted to move on. Stacey left him.

Deacon told Rayna that he loved her, but she didn't reciprocate and instead told him she was heading out of town with Liam. Rayna told him to move on with Stacey. She wasn't honest with him in that moment.

She later showed up at his house and said she loved him too. He was furious that she pushed him away earlier. They end up kissing and going to bed together. Will Rayna give into her heart and give a relationship with Deacon an honest try?

Or, will she get scared and run off with Liam anyway? She owes it to her and to Deacon to give them a try. After all they have been through, they still love each other and that will never change. 

Juliette's Betrayed

Juliette and Dante's love affair continued. Juliette's relationship with him was causing problems with those close to her. She ignored Deacon and then disrespected him, which led to him quitting the tour.

She was also becoming estranged from her mother again. Juliette believed Dante over her mother over and over again. In the end, Dante convinced Juliette that her mother was using pills again and should go back to rehab.

After Jolene said she saw Dante kissing Esme, the Realtor that he knew to help Juliette find a house, she became slightly suspicious. After meeting Esme, she believed that Dante was just friends with her.

In the end, Dante ran off with Esme after stealing half a million dollars from her. Juliette's trust issued re-emerged. She decided to still buy the house as a reminder not to trust people. Will she be able to fix the relationships that were destroyed?

Will Deacon understand and help her out? Or, has he finally had enough of Juliette's antics? And, will Jolene forgive her daughter?

Will Has a Secret

Will was changing up his life. He got rid of his truck and bought a motorcycle after he book a gig at a club. He took Gunnar with him to the club to show off his act and his abilities with the ladies. 

Gunnar ended up playing with him and got an offer to do a demo with a well-known producer, Jack Nelson. The girls hit on his too, but he remained loyal to Scarlett. Instead, Will took the girl's number.

When Will and Gunnar got home, they hanged out and talked about the song that Gunnar sang. It turned out the lyrics weren't his, but were written by his brother. Gunnar didn't tell Jack Nelson the truth, because he didn't want to get into the sad story.

While they were bonding on the couch and after a few drinks, Will went in for a kiss. Gunnar pushed him away and left as Will apologized. It looks like Will's act with the ladies at the bar was just that ... all an act.

Odds and Ends

  • Teddy received confirmation that Peggy was the one who leaked his divorce to the tabloids and he broke up with her.
  • Avery and Scarlett met on the tour. She noticed that he was the old Avery that she liked and he agreed that he was trying to be that person again.
  • Scarlett asked Rayna to give Gunnar another chance and she agreed. Gunnar wasn't interested in working with Scarlett and wanted to pursue his own songs. As long as he was happy, she was too.
  • Lamar and Rayna agreed to try and renew their relationship. And, then he pushed Tandy away because he no longer trusted her since she outed Peggy to Teddy.
  • Tandy approached Coleman about developing a partnership to marginalize both Teddy and Lamar.
Were you excited to see Rayna and Deacon finally get together? Did she pick the right man? Did you see Will's attraction to Gunnar coming? 

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