'Nashville' Recap: Rayna and Juliette Sing a Duet
'Nashville' Recap: Rayna and Juliette Sing a Duet
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Finally, someone acknowledged that Rayna would be a good influence for Juliette on Nashville. Deacon may have once been a divisive force between the two women, but he could be the glue that brings them together for the long haul. Of course, Juliette responded that Rayna could learn from her too, which is also true. While forcing the two country stars to sing a duet together in "Lovesick Blues" was a strategic move, it worked.

Both Rayna and Juliette's careers should be jumpstarted by the stunt, plus they came out of it with a what is sure to be a hit song. They may think this partnership was a one time deal, but it was just the beginning of a beautiful and lucrative pairing.

Scarlett and Gunnar....

I absolutely adore these two. They both have an innocence that will either crush them or will allow them to create a beautiful musical relationship. Of course, I'd love to see them get romantically involved too, but only if it is handled in a positive way.

Scarlett's heart is still with Avery even though he is selfish and not right for her. I wouldn't be surprised to see him make some grand gesture to win her back at least temporarily. The "we were broken up" line shouldn't work; h knew exactly what he was doing with his new manager.

Poor Emily. Though, she should have seen through Gunnar right from the beginning. She was hesitant to jump into a relationship with him. Besides, weren't they keeping it casual?

Teddy's Permanent Scowl

Teddy is a jerk and Lamar's lackey. He needs man up, quit the campaign, and stand by his family. He won't do that though because he is selfish. Hmm ... maybe Teddy and Avery should team up. 

Teddy made a bad call to take the illegal loan from the credit union and he is making the same mistakes again. He cares more about power and prestige than he does his family. Regardless of whether he had an affair with Peggy or not, the pictures will lead to the truth coming out about the financial situation. He has already helped slander Coleman, how much more damage will he do?

Have you noticed how he has a permanent scowl on his face? During Rayna and Juliette's duet, he looked like he was being tortured. Was he upset about the Peggy situation? Or, is he still jealous of Deacon? If it's over Deacon, he really needs to get over it. I suspect it was just a reaction to the song and all the stress he has right now.

Quit the race and the stress goes away, Teddy. Do it! Of course, that won't happen because the drama makes the television show, but his storyline is my least favorite. I wouldn't mind if he just disappeared.

Juliette's Age Appropriate Celibate Football Player Boyfriend

Juliette finally has someone in her life who is good for her and she almost messed it up. Though, it makes sense that she felt rejected when her turned down her advances. She has always sought love and affection through sex and doesn't know anything different.

That's why Sean is good for her. Besides, he didn't give up on her, instead he brought her flowers and explained. Despite the tabloid reports and kryponite talk, he wanted to be with her. Though, how long until she messes it up?

Looking Forward

Nashville started with a proposed tour with both Rayna and Juliette and that looks like it will finally be happening. I hope the show goes in that direction. It would take them on the road and show another aspect of the music industry.

Plus, both women can help the other. I've said this before and I'll say it again, Rayna could be the mentor that Juliette needs. And, Juliette can help Rayna maintain her stature and even raise it. The pairing of the two could help them both personally and professionally.

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