'Nashville' Recap: Kisses, Fights, and Broken Hearts
'Nashville' Recap: Kisses, Fights, and Broken Hearts
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Every Nashville episode so far has built up to "I've Been Done That Road Before," when people started taking responsibility for their lives, moved forward, and took action. There were kisses, fights, risks taken, moves made, and hearts broken. The hour was also filled with tons of music and all of it amazing. 

Rayna's Love Life is a Mess

She pushed her husband away after he lied to her and fired her best friend, Deacon. The aftermath left Rayna confused and ready to go out on tour to figure out what she wanted to do going forward.

Deacon's addition to the tour as Juliette's band leader provided a complication that she was hoping to avoid. Rayna and Deacon's elevator meetings went from silence, to an attempt at communication, to a ... kiss! In that moment, I imagined hearts swooning around the world.

They really are meant to be together. They missed their chance before, but now is their time. It won't be without complications, but they care about and enjoy each other too much to be kept apart.

Of course, nothing is ever easy. Rayna asked Deacon to come see her and he immediately headed up to see her. The anticipation of their reunion was evident on both of their faces. And, what happened? Teddy showed up to interrupt it. Though, in a way, Teddy set the path for a full-fledged Rayna and Deacon romance when he asked for a divorce.

The problem will be in how Deacon reacts after seeing Teddy at Rayna's door. Will he assume the worst? Or, will he wait to until after he talks with her to react. Whatever he does, I hope it's not irredeemable.

Teddy's Proves He's a Horrible Person

He embezzled money, he hurt others to win the election, and now he has cheated on Rayna with Peggy. There's not much to say other than he is a horrible person. At least, he went to Rayna right away and asked for a divorce instead of carrying on a secret affair. Plus, his arrival may have prevented Rayna from heading down the path of an affair too.

Neither Teddy nor Rayna have been happy in their marriage for awhile. Will their divorce be a battle over money, the kids, other issues? It would be a surprise for it to go smoothly, but it would be a refreshing avenue for a television show to take.

Juliette's Quest to Find Her Own Voice

Juliette's manager wanted her to learn from Rayna, but he never expected her to move in a new direction. He clearly cares more about Juliette's career and money making ability than for her happiness.

Deacon's become a friend and mentor to Juliette and someone that she desperately needed in her life. A person who will listen and guide her without any personal stake in her career. She wants to be an artist, not just a packaged act. Her song with Deacon was not only my favorite of the night, but it brought tears to my eyes.

She has an ambitious goal, but her sound writing and stage performance show she has the talent. Is she risking her future earning potential? Perhaps. More likely, she would protect her longevity in the industry by developing and showing her diversity. 

There's a battle coming for Juliette, but she now has the confidence to fight it that she didn't even have a few months ago.

Scarlett and Gunnar are Adorable

No couple on the show is as sweet together as Scarlett and Gunnar. Of course, they aren't really a couple, but they are definitely partners. It's inevitable that their relationship will progress from writing partners, performing partners, roommates, to lovers.

Watty White even compared them to Rayna and Deacon ... at least professionally. Perhaps, if they sign with her and with Deacon as her uncle, they can avoid the mistakes of the older couple. They make beautiful music together and also play well with the band. 

Their new living arrangement will be a test to see how much of each other they can take and determine their future path. Avery's attitude towards them, hurtful words, and punch only pushed her even closer to Gunnar.

Avery Ready to Grow Up and Change?

His confrontation with Scarlett and Gunnar was finally the trigger that opened his eyes to all that he had lost. He lost Scarlett, his band, and his pride even though he finally achieved profession success.

He gave up everything for the opportunity to make it in music. Now that he has ended his sexual relationship with his manager, will she stick with him? Regardless, he still has his recording deal and he's probably better off without her.

Avery will have a tough time going forward, but it's still possible for him to make amends to both his band and to Scarlett. They may not accept him back into their life as they were before, but anything would be better than being alone.

Which couple are you most invested in seeing succeed? Was Deacon wrong to kiss Rayna? Will Teddy put up a fight in the divorce? What was your favorite song of the episode?

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