'Nashville' Recap: Finding Love in Almost All the Wrong Places
'Nashville' Recap: Finding Love in Almost All the Wrong Places
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Nashville ended "I Saw the Light" in rare fashion with all the main characters in a relatively good spot. Well, discounting Lamar's situation of course, though that at least left this viewer happy. After a short break, Rayna and Juliette were back on tour in New York for three shows and had their families with them.

While the show may be called Nashville, I enjoy the tour immensely because it allows more stories to intersect and creates unique opportunities for character development. With Avery joining the tour as a roadie, all that needs to happen is for Scarlett and Gunnar to be hired as an opening act and they can leave Nashville behind. If nothing else, please, at least get rid of the oddly included political storyline. 

Juliette's New Outlook

The young diva country singer has started to find herself in the aftermath of her destructive behavior. As her mother heals so does the daughter. Dante has been a positive influence in their lives so far. He has helped ground them both, though it looks like that will take a negative turn.

Juliette has started to rely on her mother's sober coach too much and to Jolene's detriment. Instead of being there by Jolene's side, Dante has been helping Juliette in a manager role. In the short term that may not have been a problem, but the power and influence that Juliette provides him feeds his addiction.

Juliette overcame her jealousy of Rayna's billboard by getting her own endorsement deal. And, after her mother felt abandoned, Juliette thrilled her by dedicating a new song to her. Those were positive moves, but Juliette remains self-destructive. She never should have put the moves on Dante and he shouldn't have given in. They both destroyed the positive personal growth they had made by giving in and having sex with each other.

Deacon's Moving On, Maybe?

After the kiss with Rayna, a nixed rendezvous, a misunderstanding about Liam, and Rayna's divorce, Deacon has moved on. Or, has he? He definitely moved on in one regard with Stacey. They've dated for a month, he invited her on tour with him, and decided to leave the tour to be with her in Nashville.

That seems very serious. While he does seem to like Stacey, he doesn't really appear to be "in love" with her. And, his decision to leave the tour may have more to do with Rayna than with Stacey.

He definitely still loves Rayna. And, she loves him. Every time they crossed paths, it was written all over their face. And how adorable was it when Deacon said, "Ho" to Rayna and she replied "Hey." I couldn't stop grinning. 

As much as he thinks he wants to leave the tour, he's not going to do it. Stacey will probably figure out that he's still in love with Rayna before he quits and return to Nashville alone. And, that's how it should be. Get out, Stacey, while you still can with at least most of your heart intact!

Scarlett and Gunnar are Perfection

Seriously, how perfect are Gunnar and Scarlett together? They are friends, they write beautiful songs together, their duets are magnificent, and they both respect and love for each other. After Scarlett's horrible experience with Avery, it made sense that she would keep her news to herself.

And, in her mind, it was because she was trying to get Rayna's label to sign Gunnar with her. She wanted him by her side. Her decision to forgo the record deal was not for him, it was for her. He gave her the push to write songs and to sing and she wanted him along for the ride. She didn't want it without him.

His response that he wasn't made about the record deal, but that she kept it from him also rang true. Unlike Avery, he was so proud of her and didn't want to hold her back. He understood that it was his own fault his name wasn't on the contract. He supports her.

Not only will she now sign the deal, but even more important. They both said, "I love you." Aww! They are too sweet. I just hope nothing breaks them apart. There needs to be one happy and stable couple on the show. Yes, I'm talking to you, Upstairs Neighbor Will. Stay out of their relationship!

Boring Nashville Politics

Since the show's premiere, the political storyline has been boring and without much value. That didn't change here. It's all about the stupid stadium. Lamar tried to get Coleman to side with him and when that didn't work he resorted to blackmailing Peggy.

How awkward was it to see Peggy in Rayna's house? I don't mind Teddy and Peggy together, since they really do make a perfect couple. Plus, if he's occupied than he won't be thinking about Rayna.

The problem is she continually plays him. The fake or accidental suicide attempt, leaking the divorce to the tabloids, and now being Lamar's pawn. It's bad for them. And, will end up exploding. The sooner Nashville gives up on the city's political scene that better.

With Lamar dying or dead, maybe that will also kill the political story. Did he have a heart attack? Was it natural causes? Or, did Peggy or another enemy get to him? A murder mystery? Not sure I like that idea.

Odds and Ends

Rayna's girls were adorable. I loved how Rayna handled Maddie's interest in becoming a star like her mom. At first she fumbled, but she recovered well. The sound check song was well done. Marshall's suggestion that Rayna sign her daughters was an intriguing one. 

Avery may have found his freedom when he burned his masters, but it caused him a couple new problems. His publishing deal was on the basis that he have a recording contract. No contract, then he owes back the $100,000 signing bonus. 

Even worse, Marilyn blacklisted him from performing at any Nashville clubs. That forced him on to the streets to perform for money. Until his former friend and band mate came through for him. Avery's heading to Juliette and Rayna's tour as a roadie. 

Do you want to see Deacon move back to Nashville with Stacey? Or are you hoping for a Rayna-Deacon reunion? Will Avery joining the tour be a positive or negative for the show? Do you hope Lamar is dead?

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