'Nashville' Recap: Hats, Horses and Hook-Ups Galore
'Nashville' Recap: Hats, Horses and Hook-Ups Galore
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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Why Miss Rayna, what a big hat you have! The better to watch polo with, apparently. If Nashville knows how to do one thing other than singing, it's making incredible fashion statements -- a fact that is further proven during this week's episode, titled "It Must Be You." But it's not all fun and polo games. Things start to get way more complicated as our favorite characters find themselves making something other than music with each other, if you catch my drift. Suffice to say, drama isn't too far behind.

Meanwhile, Rayna tries to snag an investor (with her ginormous hat, no doubt) at the polo match, as Teddy officially announces his engagement to the press. Way to get back on that horse, you two. Let's dig in.

Marco ... Polo

Now that it's been established that Rayna's voice hasn't left us forever, she's determined to get her life back to normal, which apparently includes an interview with Robin Roberts. They talk about her recovery, Lamar's arrest and her new record, but when it comes to romance, Ms. James is keeping her lips zipped. ("No comment!")

Now all she needs is to find funding for her new label somewhere else, so Tandy suggests they go find some rich people to rub elbows with, and where better to do so than at a polo match? Perfect plan, right? A place full of deep pockets and insanely big hats. However, the plan ends up backfiring a bit when many of the highbrow elite shame Tandy for showing her face, since she was basically Lamar's right hand (wo)man for all those years. Sorry, ladies, but no one's writing any big checks today.

Rayna, of course, isn't even sure if Lamar is guilty, let alone that Tandy was the one who put him behind bars, and when she even brings the matter into question, Tandy denies it, acting hurt her sister would even think such a thing. Meanwhile, Teddy's busy chatting it up with the elite crowd after just telling the press of his recent engagement to Peggy. And guess what -- the wedding is happening in a week.

Another surprise guest at the polo match? Deacon! Since Megan's firm is sponsoring the event, she asks her cowboy boyfriend to come along. At first he refuses, given that he's pretty busy these days writing music via the piano. Not to mention the fact that he usually hates those kind of events. But he ends up going anyway, and it actually brings him and Megan closer together. She's not threatened by Rayna and seems entirely too normal to be on this show. It's nice to see Deacon so happy, though.

Bed-Hopping Abounds

As part of her new label, Rayna's main mission right now (other than finding some money) is to make Scarlett skyrocket to fame. That means performing in front of critics at the Bluebird and finding a big name artist for her to tour with as the opening act. Maybe even Juliette Barnes?

But Scarlett, once again, becomes way too overwhelmed by all the pressures of fame and turns to Avery for comfort ... which leads to playing video games ... which leads to kissing ... which leads to you know. As of now, they're keeping it casual, but Avery clearly wants more. It'll be interesting to see where this road goes.

Speaking of interesting, Zoe's suffering from a major case of the guilts from her little tryst with Gunner and tells him they have to end things before Scarlett finds out. But after hearing Scarlett's own promiscuous romp with Avery, Zoe decides to pull a total 180 and tells Gunner that they should totally start hooking up on a regular basis. He agrees.

But they aren't the only ones with a secret love agenda. Juliette gets a mysterious invite to the polo match. But on arrival, we discover it's none other than the very handsome (and extremely rich) Charlie Wentworth. You know, the married guy Juliette had bathroom sex with after performing for his wife at their huge mansion. He missed her and wanted to see her again. He even asks her to partner with him as the main star of Teddy's sponsored music festival in order to spend more time together, which would be exceptionally sweet if, again, he wasn't married.

Rayna spies some flirtation in the air and warns Juliette to be careful since a scandal like this would completely tarnish her image (again). But Juliette doesn't take the advice well and tells Rayna to forget Scarlett going on tour with her.

In a twist that no one everyone saw coming, Charlie and Juliette start hooking up by night's end once it's firmly established that his wife is a real nasty piece of work and won't be home that evening ... or so they think. His wife comes home and finds them in bed together, unbeknownst to them, and quietly sneaks back out. It's unclear what she'll plan to do with this information, but one thing's for sure: she looks pissed.

A Secret Crush Revealed

It looks like Rayna may have a new cowboy in her life these days. Country star Luke Wheeler makes an appearance at the polo match and seems to be particularly fond of our lovely Ms. Rayna James. He even stops by the Bluebird later that evening to watch Scarlett play, which leads to Rayna asking if he'd be willing to take Scarlett on tour with him. In response, he kisses her right on the spot, much to Rayna's surprise.

She seems unsure of how exactly to react, but he agrees to let Scarlett join the tour -- one, because she's very talented and, two, because he hopes it'll mean seeing a lot more of Rayna. So get ready, y'all. There might be some more steamy hook-ups in the very near future.

What did you think of this week's episode of Nashville? Do you like the idea of Scarlett and Avery getting back together? What do you think of Rayna's potential new love interest? Was anyone else missing Will this week? Sound off in the comments below!

Nashville airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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