'Nashville' Recap: Fame, Blame, and Family Shame
'Nashville' Recap: Fame, Blame, and Family Shame
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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Howdy, y'all and welcome to another fun-filled hour in the life of Nashville, where the drama is almost as high as the hair these days. This week's episode, "You're No Angel Yourself," delves deep into the heart of some intense family issues regarding both the past and the present. Maddie's depressed; Rayna's stressed; and Tandy actually gets an interesting storyline when she discovers some unsettling information regarding her mother's death. Yay, family!

Meanwhile, Teddy makes Peggy an offer she can't refuse, which I'm sure is going to work out well due to the whole lying-about-being-pregnant thing. But hey, on the upside, everyone looked fantastic at the Symphony Gala. But would we expect anything less from this bunch? Let's dig in!

The Blame Game

Rayna and Tandy go to visit their mother's grave for her birthday with Maddie, and Daphne. However, since Maddie is still sticking to her whole teenage-moody thing, it isn't exactly a great family bonding experience. This leads Rayna to suggest the girls go with her to the Symphony Gala later that night. Sounds like a fun time, right? Of course not! Teddy and Peggy show up together and Maddie immediately notices Peggy wearing her grandmother's wedding ring around her neck (Teddy had proposed to Peggy, in probably the least romantic way ever, earlier that day). Maddie demands to know what Peggy is doing wearing it and storms off in a fit of rage. So much for keeping this news on the down low...

Moments later, Rayna finds her youngest, Daphne, in tears, revealing that Maddie has run away. Naturally, this puts everyone into a panic mode. Tempers run high and everyone else thinks it's everyone else's fault. Rayna goes to see Deacon on the off-chance that Maddie was there and accidentally interrupts his date with his court-appointed lawyer who, in my opinion, seems a little too good to be true. Thoughts? But Maddie isn't there -- she was actually at a gas station and called Juliette to come pick her up. In a nice moment of genuine friendliness, Juliette encourages Maddie to mend fences with her mother.

They do, which leads to a nice mother-daughter moment, so hopefully their relationship won't be so rocky from here on out. Deacon called Rayna's cell phone and Maddie answered, which gave them a nice little bonding session as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this relationship continues to grow. Maddie and Daphne sing one of Deacon's songs together in their room while Rayna listens (and tries to sing along) outside. The verdict's still out on whether she'll get her voice back or not. (Fingers crossed, people!)

Tour Troubles

Aside from helping Maddie restore her relationship with her mother, Juliette's been dealing with a lot on her plate work-wise. Rayna informs her that she's dropping out of the rest of their tour together to spend time with her family, which means she needs to find a new touring partner and fast if she hopes to still promote her new album. Her manager suggests she go back to her old "fluff and sparkle" music that the tweens love. If she really wants to sell out arenas then she needs to cater to the fans that made her famous in the first place. From a business standpoint it makes sense, but Juliette is less than thrilled with the idea. She gives a try, but finds that she just can't revert back to her former self. She's just not that girl anymore. Her solution? To partner with the newest teen-hit wonder, Layla. Oh, this is going to be good! Can't wait to see how these two get along together on the road.

Fame or Lame?

Edgehill Records loved the song Will sang at the Stockholder's Showcase -- so much so that they want him to record it as his very first single. The only problem is, it's not his song to sing -- it's Gunner's. So Will heads over to the Bluebird to ask Gunner's permission to use the song, promising it would be a great opportunity for both of them. He says he'll think about it. However, after talking to Avery -- who is now the new bar back at the Bluebird, which is apparently the only place anyone in this town can get a job -- Gunner decides to keep the song for himself. He doesn't just want to be a song writer, he wants to be a performer too. Will gets mad and accuses him of being short-sighted, so I guess that bromance is on the back burner for right now.

Meanwhile, Scarlett is not enjoying her newfound fame at all. Seriously, the girl doesn't even know how to have fun at a photo shoot and even reprimand a fan for taking her picture of her at a bar without her permission. Uptight much? Zoey tries to knock some sense into her, reminding her that she should be...um, I don't know...grateful for all this success, but she's just not feeling it. Now let's all collectively roll our eyes at her and move on.

The End of an Alliance

In what was most likely considered the biggest plot development of the night, Tandy meets up with a private investigator who had done some digging into the police report surrounding her mother Virginia's car accident. It states that her mother's car was followed by a Cadillac -- a car that her father also happens to drive. At first, Tandy refutes the claim, stating that her dad was out of town that night. However, a witness had gone on record saying they had seen Lamar in Nashville earlier that night and that Virginia had threatened to leave Lamar. The witness eventually recanted the statement and died shortly after. A little suspicious, wouldn't you say?

It's enough to convince Tandy that the U.S. Attorney's office wasn't bluffing about her father after all. She tries to confront him about it at the Symphony Gala, but with very little luck. So she decides to take the U.S. Attorney up on his offer to bring Lamar down and hands over a flash drive of all her father's dirty laundry. Looks like these family ties are officially broken and it's time to go to war. Bring it on!

What did you think of tonight's episode of Nashville? Was the plot a little too slow for your liking? Did you find Scarlett's fame complaints to be super annoying? Do you think Lamar really killed his wife? Sound off in the comments below!

Nashville airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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