'Nashville' Recap: A Party, Relapse, Romance and Death on 'Dear Brother'
'Nashville' Recap: A Party, Relapse, Romance and Death on 'Dear Brother'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Everyone's back in Nashville and it's party time! On "Dear Brother," Juliette decided to throw Deacon a birthday party at The Bluebird Cafe and recruited Scarlett to help get him there. It was happening night with a full house with musicians, friends, and family. Elsewhere, there was plenty of trouble to be had with a divorce, a gun, a lonely guy, and a death.

Tabloid Crazy

Rayna and Teddy's divorce went public before they even had the chance to let those closest to them know about it. Even though it was Teddy that cheated, it was Rayna that was disparaged in the press.

Despite Teddy's error of being in a situation where Maddie could overhear him on the phone with Peggy, both Teddy and Rayna were surprisingly civil about the divorce which is a pleasant surprise.

When Rayna called him out for cheating with Peggy, they agreed he would keep the girls away from his girlfriend. While I hope they remain friendly with each other for their daughters' sake, I definitely wouldn't hold my breath. 

There is too much that could happen to spark a bitter fight between them. Deacon. Peggy. The secret about Maddie. Politics. And, yes, the tabloids.

Teddy: A Changed Man?

Since Nashville began I haven't been a fan of Teddy, instead I found him to be a bit of a creep. He embezzled money, was jealous of Rayna, selfish, arrogant, and easily manipulated by Lamar.

Since he decided to leave Rayna, he has been nicer to her and actually seems happy for a change. With that happiness, his negative qualities seem to have dissipated or at least aren't as noticeable. 

His decision to ask Coleman to be his Deputy Mayor and rejection of Lamar's control was a big step in freeing himself. Of course, it remains to be seen how Lamar will come back at Teddy for his defiance. Blackmail, perhaps?

Rayna and Deacon ... Ever or Forever?

Even though Rayna married Teddy, Deacon was there by her side and in love with her all those years. Now that Rayna will be a free woman again, is this his chance to be with the woman he loves? Rayna clearly still has feelings for him too.

Their elevator kiss was precious and a reunion was interrupted by Teddy and then further delayed by Liam. It's too bad that Rayna wasn't Deacon's birthday present! All in time, right?

Her song was gorgeous and one of the best of the series. It was heartfelt. She laid her troubles out there for all to hear in a beautiful song. If nothing else good comes out of her divorce, as Deacon said, "Well, it sure made for a pretty song."

Party was a Hit

Deacon usually celebrates his birthday watching Old Yeller, but not this year. Juliette threw him a big birthday celebration and he was conned into attending by Scarlett. (How neat was her cupcake trick? I need to try that.)

For the first time, he saw his talented niece sing on stage with Gunnar. "The real deal," indeed, Juliette. The talented guitarist was celebrated by his friends and colleagues for a change. 

But ... Juliette's gift of a dog?!? That was a risky choice. Deacon has never had to take care of anything other than himself, does he want that responsibility? While not necessarily appropriate, it probably will be the best gift he's ever received, especially since he can bring the dog on tour with him.

Party Relapse

While overall the party was a success, it turned out to be too much for Jolene. When she was given champagne for Deacon's birthday toast, she gave in and drank. She ended up drunk in the back of the bar.

Unlike other times, Jolene has a strong support group to help her overcome this relapse. Deacon was there and so was Juliette. In the past, Juliette would have dismissed her mother and sent her away, but not this time.

Juliette has begun to heal the mother-daughter relationship. She took her mother home, put her to bed, and called Dante for help. While Jolene slept it off, Dante talked to Juliette about her 9th birthday party disaster and her desire to let her mother die.

Jolene made a mistake, but given Juliette's reaction, these two may make it through together after all.

Goodbye, Brother

While Juliette and Jolene worked to repair their relationship, Gunnar and his brother's fell apart when he found Jason's gun. Scarlett didn't want a gun in her house and wouldn't let Gunnar leave with it loaded either.

Gunnar confronted Jason saying, "You and I are done." Then, he threw the gun in the river. Jason resented his brother for his 8 years in prison and tried to explain that he had people after him, but Gunnar was done.

When the police came to The Bluebird Cafe, I feared that Gunnar was in trouble for harboring his brother, but it was much worse. Jason was dead. He had been beat to death in an alley. Gunnar will have a difficult time overcoming his guilt for ditching his brother and leaving him without any protection.

He shared his grief with Scarlett. Eventually they were going to get together, but under these circumstances it was probably not the best idea. Scarlett is a kind person though and she will stick by Gunnar no matter what.

Avery the Afterthought

The weakest point of Nashville is Avery. He's just kinda there on the outskirts of the story. Perhaps, that's by design or maybe it's because the writers don't really know what to do with him.

He took $25,000 of the $100,000 he received for the rights to his songs and blew it on a guitar. What? After worrying about money for so long, that was a waste of money. At least, he realized it and returned it.

He also showed up at The Bluebird Cafe as Gunnar and Scarlett were singing for Deacon. Hew as turned away because he wasn't a guest of the private party. He made the decision to give up on Scarlett and his band and he really is alone and looking in from the outside.

I'd like to see Avery redeem himself somehow with his friends, but Scarlett should never get back together with him!

Did you love Rayna's song? Do you want to see her with Deacon? Was it a mistake for Scarlett and Gunnar to hook up after his brother's death? Is Teddy a changed man?

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