'Nashville' Winter Finale Recap: A Scandal, an Overdose, a Proposal, and Difficult Decisions
'Nashville' Winter Finale Recap: A Scandal, an Overdose, a Proposal, and Difficult Decisions
Carla Day
Carla Day
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By the end of the Nashville winter finale, "Where He Leads Me," everyone had their lives shaken up. Some were presented new and exciting opportunities, while others were left with a messy situation they will have to address. Plus, the big Rayna James and Juliette Barnes tour that Rayna fervently dismissed in the premiere came back up again.

The Rayna and Juliette Tour

All season, I've been speculating that these two would end up on tour together and it looks like it's going to happen. Woo Hoo! It's perfect timing too. After writing a song together and performing it, this pair has shown that they aren't each other's enemy. A combined tour is the right thing to do professionally and financially.

This doesn't mean they have to be best friends or even interact that much. A arena tour is a big endeavor with lots of people around. While I hope they do grow to like each other, it isn't necessary to have a good tour. I probably sound like a broken record by now, since I mention it in almost every recap, Juliette could use a role model like Rayna.

Looking forward to the tour in 2013.

Juliette Knows How to Smile

She has had a rough life and she made something out of it. It doesn't get much more tragic than having a drug addict parent, being abused, and surviving on dry pancake mix. Juliette is beyond that now, but it remains ingrained in her being.

That's why her relationship with Sean is special and good for her. She is getting the opportunity to interact with someone that had a good upbringing, has a loving family and treats her well. Juliette hasn't had that in her life before.

When she was at church and then at dinner with Sean's family, she was the happiest she probably has ever been and certainly since we met her. Then, Sean's mother had to bring her back down by demeaning her and discounting the relationship.

Juliette's proposal was a response to Mrs. Butler's threat. And, Sean's vow of celibacy probably didn't hurt either. If he says yes and they get engaged, it probably won't end well. They haven't known each other very long and this is Juliette's first serious relationship.

I hope I'm wrong because it was a nice change to see Juliette with a huge grin on her face more often.

Teddy's Betrayal

No, Teddy didn't cheat on Rayna with Peggy, but the embezzlement was just as bad. He broke the law and put their family at risk. And, it wasn't to put food on the table, rather he was trying to save his pride. It was selfish and it doesn't look like Rayna's going to be forgiving.

For the sake of their girls, Rayna showed up and stood by her man. He didn't cheat and she did what she could to clear the air. Will it work? With the number of affairs and scandals that come out, the public will likely be hesitant to believe it was a lie. The photos were pretty damning and Peggy's overdose didn't help.

In the end, Teddy may lose his wife, his girls, and the election. 

The Perfect Couple ... Or not?

Since they first started writing together, I've wanted Gunnar and Scarlett to get together. When she broke up with Avery, it was inevitable that they would be pulled towards each other. When Gunnar kissed Scarlett is was a beautiful moment ... until it wasn't.

Scarlett is still hurting from Avery's betrayal, so it's understandable that she wouldn't want to rush into something with Gunnar. But, seriously, has she not felt the connection between the two of them? I guess it's possible that's she blind to it, since she was so dedicated to Avery, but more likely she is scared.

She doesn't know what to do about his feelings or hers, so she is pushing him away. That would also explain why she doesn't even want to write music with him. It's too emotionally difficult for her.

I adore these two and they make beautiful music together. The pull between them is too strong for them to stay apart for long, unless of course Avery sucks Scarlett back into his world. With all the changes going on, Avery very well may recognize what he lost and woo her back. He's comfortable, familiar and it would be easy for her to go back to him.

New Career Opportunities

Both Deacon and Avery were presented with new and promising opportunities. Deacon was offering a gig touring with the newly sober Revel Kings. There's no way that he can say no to this, right? It's his chance to do something for himself and try something new without Rayna.

Though, the offer could be too good to be true. The members of the Revel Kings plan on having a sober tour of no drugs or alcohol, but how long will that last? They are all newly sober and going out on the road will challenge them every minute. Will Deacon end up being more than just their guitar player?

And, how long until one of them relapses? Will Deacon be tempted to go down that path again? Or, will he hold strong? This is a great gig for him, but it may not be as perfect as it sounds.

Avery was flown down to Atlanta to work with music producer, Dominic Wells. It came with a condition though, Wells wants Avery and not the rest of his band. This should be a difficult decision for him to make. Or, will it be?

Avery chose Marilyn and a record deal over Scarlett. Will he even hesitate to screw over his long time friends?

When Nashville returns in 2013, where will everyone stand? Do you want Juliette and Sean to be engaged? Should Rayna leave her husband? Should Deacon and Avery take the new jobs?  And, who do you want to see romancing Scarlett?

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