'Nashville' Recap: A Lost Voice and a Tough Choice
'Nashville' Recap: A Lost Voice and a Tough Choice
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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Blatant jealousy, steamy, hookups, and rock star performances -- yup, it must be time for another episode of Nashville! While last week's episode left our characters at a bit of a crossroads -- with Rayna questioning her allegiance to Edgehill Records and Juliette coming face-to-face with a young, new competitor -- this week's episode, titled "I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now," was all about focusing on some hard truths.

While Deacon was left to deal with some complicated daddy issues (concerning both himself and his father), Rayna came to a difficult realization that could seriously impact her music career forever. Oh, and Peggy made an appearance again. Still lying about being pregnant, so there's that. Let's dig in!

Makeover Mania

Jeff, the new head of Edgehill Records, is holding a huge Stockholders Showcase event to help promote his clients. Juliette refuses to participate -- half because she already has a private gig with a rich family down in Maryland, and the other half because she just doesn't want to (gotta love this girl's sass). So this becomes Will and Scarlett's time to shine, which means they get their very own stylists and makeovers. Fun!

Will really knows how to make the whole sexy cowboy thing work, doesn't he? He takes the stage performing a song freshly written by Gunner, who looks none too happy that he's on the sidelines instead of up on the stage himself. But hey, the song is awesome and Will looks great. Next up is Scarlett who is literally popping out of her dress, which is a far cry from all those sundresses we're used to seeing her wear. (I kinda love it.)

Also, Will asked Zoey to be his date for the evening, but she ended up leaving with Gunner. Could this be the start of a brand new love triangle? We'll have to wait and see.

Raise Your Voice (If You Can)

Rayna is as hellbent as ever on getting out of her Edgehill Records contract. But there's one little problem: she still owes them a new album, so she joins forces with the ever-so-dreamy Liam McGuinnis to finish the record they started before their little falling out. Which, of course, leads to a steamy afternoon hookup. Yay for mixing business with pleasure!

Jeff's thrilled with the news of the upcoming album and can't wait to hear what the two of them have come up with. Problem is, Rayna's discovered that her vocal cords aren't the same since the accident, so there's a chance her voice could never fully recover. She's working with a therapist, but wants to keep everything on the DL while she figures things out. If this is truly going to be the last album she ever does, she wants to own it, not Edgehill Records.

Liam promises to help keep her secret and delay the album's release on his end while she deals with Jeff, who becomes instantly suspicious when Rayna has Scarlett sing in her stead during the Stockholder Showcase. She even went so far as to promote her own label Highway 65 while introducing Scar as her first artist. Girl's got balls, y'all! Obviously, Jeff was not happy and is now out for blood. Rayna better watch her back with this one or he may just uncover her little secret.

The Sins of the Father

I admit, I haven't been thrilled with the new and not-so-improved Deacon as of late, but this episode proved to be a bit of a turning point for our beloved guitarist. His arm's still killing, but he refuses to take any pain meds, clearly enjoying the whole sulking/brooding side of things. Luckily, Coleman goes to see him during one of his AA sessions and tries to knock some sense into that stubborn skull while also revealing that he's leaving Nashville in pursuit of another job offer. This news affects Deacon more so than anything else...that is until Coleman mentions Deacon's father and how he needs to come to terms about how he was treated if he ever hopes to be a father to Maddie. So after kicking a few chairs in a fit of rage (I'm sure they had it coming), he sets off to go see Teddy. Uh oh...

But wait, it's not to start a fight. It's to apologize for any harm that he caused their family and admits that he wishes Maddie had never found out the truth. But Teddy isn't having any of this. He reminds Deacon that Maddie does know about him, so he has a responsibility now to her. She's going to be watching his every move, so he needs to man up and become a better person for her to look up to. The talk seems to work. He makes the decision to finally get some pain medication for his arm, a step on the road of forgiving himself for his past sins. He even opens up during the next AA about his father's drunken beatings to his mother and sister, which is just as awful as it sounds. He doesn't want to be like his father. He may be a drunk and hurt those around him, but he will never harm a child. It's heartbreaking and I can't help but love him again. Someone give this guy a hug for me, please!

And it appears that Deacon wasn't the only one to benefit from his little chat with Rayna's ex. Teddy heads over to see Peggy who is still pretending to be pregnant with his child (and is even accepting monthly checks from him for doctor's appointments). He's decided that maybe he does want to be part of this child's life after all. He doesn't want his kid growing up without a father and now that his divorce to Rayna is officially finalized, he's willing to give their relationship another shot. So I guess Peggy's going to need to start investing in some pretty convincing fake baby bumps. Looks like we've found a use for all those checks!

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

In a plot point that doesn't really fit anywhere else, but still seems pretty important: Juliette performed at the rich couple's house and things went off without a hitch. That is until she got into an argument with Avery and fired him on the spot. Oh, and she also hooked up with the husband in one of their guest bathrooms that is probably bigger than the size of my apartment. I'm sure that's not going to come back to bite her in the ass.

What did you think of tonight's episode of Nashville? Will Rayna's voice ever recover? Are you back to liking Deacon again? Which song of the night was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

Nashville airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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