'Nashville' Recap: A Family Falls Apart, New Band Is Formed
'Nashville' Recap: A Family Falls Apart, New Band Is Formed
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Juliette stayed true to herself, while Rayna struggles with all the lies in her family on tonight's Nashville.
The episode titled "They Don't Make 'Em Like Daddy Anymore" saw the town learning about Lamar's death, while each character's life went on. There was new group formed, a new possible romance and a struggle to deal with reality. 

Opportunity Comes Knocking 

Deacon is offered a gig outside of town but he can't find a band to back him. He stumbles upon Avery, Gunnar and Zoey playing together. He asks the three of them to play the gig with him. They all of course agree because it is all about making music and taking any opportunity that comes your way. At the gig the group is pushed to a not so great time slot. Deacon wants to bail, but the other three remind him they are there to play. The crowd loves him and Deacon is offered a full time headline gig at the bar. 

The next night at the Bluebird during his set Deacon calls Avery, Gunnar and Zoey up on stage to sing. Scarlett watches from a distance as Deacon praises her former best friend and two ex-boyfriends. It doesn't sit to well with her, so she decides to spend the night at the studio. 

After the Bluebird show Gunnar Avery and Zoey make the decision to form a band together. With her killer voice, and the guys' awesome song-writing skills, it was kind of a no brainer. 

Mixing Business and Pleasure 

Scarlett and Liam share her recording of Black Roses with Rayna, who loves it. Later Scarlett and Liam go out to celebrate. The have some drinks and discuss his life. Scarlett is envious of his pick-up-and-go-fabulous-places lifestyle. They talk about his music, and he shares that he is blocked right now when it comes to his music, which is why he spends so much time working on other peoples' songs. As they walk and talk he leans in to kiss her. She doesn't think they should mix business and romance. 

After hearing Deacon at the Bluebird a lonely and hurt Scarlett spends the night at the studio. Liam finds her there in the morning and questions what is up with her. She fills him in on how it felt to hear her uncle praise Avery, Gunnar, and Zoey. Then she leans in and kisses him. Despite his initial attempt to rebuff her actions the two start to get down and dirty. Knowing how Liam is, I have a feeling Scarlett is headed for another heartbreak. 

A Country Music Girl At Heart
Juliette and Avery listen to the mix he did of "Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet". It is pretty freaking amazing. Avery informs her of a killer article that a prominent New York music critic wrote about her Opry induction performance. Glenn soon shows up with news that big time producer Howie V saw the critic's article and wants to work with Juliette. 

In Los Angeles, Glenn and Juliette meet with a very excited Howie V. He is all about changing Juliette. He has her record a new mix of her song with Avery, much more pop than country. Juliette is impressed with his credentials, but Glenn is unsure of Howie's very out there ideas. Howie wants Juliette to move to LA and wants to get rid of her country roots, that twang in her voice he called it. After Howie sets up a very out there photo-shoot of Juliette looking more like Lady Gaga then a country superstar, Glenn tells Juliette he needs to move on. It is pretty obvious he doesn't agree with the direction the big time producer wants to take her career to, and he doesn't want to hold her back. However, he does not agree with Howie V's ideas so he quits.

After learning about Lamar, Juliette heads back to Nashville in time to see Avery perform onstage at the Bluebird. She attends Lamar's funeral then summons Glenn to her house. She lets him know he is not quitting and that she is not ready to quit country music. She intends to somehow release the recording Avery mixed and is not going to let Howie V produce anything for her. Juliette is certainly realizing what it means to stay true to herself. I am liking this new Juliette Barnes. 

No More Lies 

While putting out a press release about Scarlett, Rayna learns Lamar died thanks to a visit from Teddy. Although he fills her in on how Lamar stormed into his office making accusations about Teddy being the FBI special witness, he leaves out some key details. Teddy's version to Rayna is that he tried to calm Lamar down, but he had a heart attack, and despite his and the paramedics' efforts Lamar died. The former spouses tell the girls about their grandfather's death. 

Rayna calls Tandy, who thinks Rayna wants to make amends. A stone cold Rayna blurts out that Lamar is dead. Tandy breaks down sobbing while Rayna calls their father a murderer. The two sisters handle their father's death very differently. Tandy is very emotional, helping plan the funeral. She basically grieves the loss of Lamar. Rayna on the other hand is all business-like, especially with anyone she interacts with. She is still mad at her father and just wants the funeral to be over. She refuses to grieve for him despite the best efforts of Bucky and Deacon. 

Teddy gives a press conference about Lamar's death. He gives a loving speech about Lamar, even credits him with where Teddy is today. Megan shows up to the press conference and she and Teddy talk. He thanks her for being there for him and let's her know he is letting all the ugliness go for the sake of his daughters. However, later his conscious gets the best of him and he spills the truth about Lamar's death to Megan. He lets her know he did nothing to help his former father-in-law while he was dying. 

When Megan is with Deacon later he talks about the pain Rayna and the girls are in because of Lamar's death. Megan keeps mum about the information Teddy told her. Yeah that is so going to come back and haunt her, bad choice Megan. 

Lamar's funeral is very small and simple. Tandy and Rayna don't support each other during the funeral. Juliette actually stood by Rayna's side, my how far those two have come! Alone after the funeral Rayna looks at photos of her father and the family in the den. She then breaks down crying and trashes all the photos and throws some alcohol bottles. Teddy and Tandy come in and find her on the floor. An upset and distraught Rayna tells them all the lying has got to stop. 

Nashville airs Wednesday nights on ABC. 

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