'Nashville' Recap: Broken Relationships, Some Heal Some Don't
'Nashville' Recap: Broken Relationships, Some Heal Some Don't
Carla Day
Carla Day
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"You Win Again" was by far the best episode of Nashville of the season. It had heart. Rayna and Juliette released a hit record, are on a nationwide arena tour, but they are much more than singers on a stage. They struggle with their families, friends, and business associates. The same could be said of Deacon, Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery. They are still trying to make it professionally, which just compounds their challenges.

Rayna's Broken Relationships

Most of Rayna's relationships are in trouble these days. She's still hurt by Teddy's betrayal and can't let it go. Yes, he embezzled money and lied about it. It was wrong, but Rayna has taken his actions too personally.

Since he didn't cheat on her or act out against their marriage, she's overreacting and it probably has nothing to do with Teddy at all. Their relationship has always had a third party in it -- Deacon. We found out in "You Win Again" that Rayna married Teddy for the stability he provided; it sounds like she's been running from her true love and problems for years.

Teddy was observant to notice the tension between Rayna and Liam. They were becoming very chummy since he was a fresh, creative escape from her dull, boring, stable husband. It will be interesting to see if she takes Liam back, especially since she still is holding Teddy at arm's length.

Rayna also considered leaving her career-long relationship with her record label. While they initially forced her hand, she's back in control of that partnership at least a little. She did get her way with working with Liam. The draw of a new label may have been stronger before he sold her out, though.

Rayna and Deacon ... they love each other more than any two people probably should be allowed. Five rehabs and Rayna getting married got him sober. Their breakup professionally threatened it all. Now, that they will be on a tour together and their love for each other has awakened, is there any way they can stay apart? Doubtful!

Juliette's Growing

When we first met Juliette she was a selfish and broken person. She was all about getting what she wanted and when she wanted it. She still has a lot of that in her, but she's gone from being alone to caring about others.

It was telling that she even showed up to her mother's court hearing. Months ago, she wouldn't have even thought about going to it. She not only attended the hearing, but she spoke on her mother's behalf. Sure, she didn't really say much, but it was a start.

Her relationship with Deacon has been one of my favorites to see grow. My least favorite scene of the pilot was when she was seducing him and I didn't like them as a couple at all. Their new relationship is healthy. The collaboration and friendship they have developed is beneficial to them both.

Now that Deacon is on tour with her, I hope they remain friends and songwriting partners, but stay out of the bedroom. He has helped her learn to accept her mother more than anyone else could.

The scene when Juliette and her mother were finally honest and shared how proud they were of each other was heartening to see. They are family and really could use each other. Juliette has been alone for long enough.

Avery's All Alone

Yes, I actually felt a bit sorry for Avery this week. Just a tad. He's in his car driving around and hears his song on the radio. He's finally made it. His dream has come true. And, he's all alone. There's no one for him to call and share this amazing news.

Instead, he drives by his old band's garage to find them rocking out with Scarlett and Gunnar. He made his choice and now has to live with it. He's got a bad deal contract, a convertible, and nothing else.

Was this your favorite episode so far this season? Should Rayna get a divorce? Leave her record label? How awkward will the tour be for Rayna now that Deacon will be traveling with her?

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