'Nashville' Preview: 5 Compelling Reasons to Watch the Season 2 Midseason Finale
'Nashville' Preview: 5 Compelling Reasons to Watch the Season 2 Midseason Finale
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In its first season, Nashville ended an episode by killing not just one character, but two. In the Season 2 midseason finale, called "Tomorrow Never Comes," the series has decided to play that song again, but with a few new notes. BuddyTV got a sneak peek of the episode and we've put together 5 compelling reasons for you to check it out. 

Love Triangles Become Love Quadrangles

Right now, there are at least two or three different possible love triangles on this show. Every character in a romantic relationship is somehow connected to their ex and there will be a lot of moments in this episode that will have you wondering if some people might be contemplating a switch. Or at the very least, you might be feeling sorry for those who realize the person they desire doesn't share their feelings. 

Deacon and Rayna Take Their Careers to the Next Level, But at What Cost?

Deacon and Rayna have been having a rough time with their careers lately. Deacon's issues stem from his mangled hand and Rayna's from a wily record executive. They look for ways to get past those issues, but both also take risks doing it. Whose plan will work in the end? That's one question you may be asking yourself when the dust has settled. 

Will's Journey is Loaded with Surprises

Will has been trying to figure out exactly who he is this season and that question doesn't get any easier in this episode. In fact, a couple of situations will lead him into a direction even he probably didn't see coming and one (if not two) of those situations are sure to have viewers gasping in surprise. 

The Battle Between Juliette and Layla Gets Epic

Layla threw down the gauntlet at the end of the last episode by exposing Juliette and Charlie's affair. The repercussions from that are pretty bad, but don't assume that Juliette doesn't have any fight left in her. You'll also see that those repercussions may lead her to a very interesting epiphany.

Someone Does Die, But You May Not Know Who it Is

The previews for the midseason finale announce that someone will die at the end of the episode. Trouble is, just exactly who that will be may not be clear by the time the final credits roll. There is more than one life in danger by the end of the episode and we predict that fans will be debating the identity of the victim all winter. 

The Nashville Season 2 midseason finale airs on Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC.

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