'Nashville' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Time to Face the Music
'Nashville' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Time to Face the Music
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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Welcome back, y'all. It's been 4 long months since we last saw our beloved Nashville characters during May's rather epic cliffhanger of a finale. Pregnancies were announced; proposals were made; and a devastating car accident left both Deacon and Rayna's fates hanging in the balance.

So where does everyone go from here? Aptly named, "I Fall to Pieces" was all about picking up the plot pieces last season left behind and learning to face the music (both figuratively and literally). How does Teddy react to Peggy's pregnancy? Does Scarlett say yes to Gunnar's proposal? What becomes of Deacon and Rayna post-accident? This episode finally gave us some answers. Let's dig in!

Back in a Flash

Things pick up right where they left off immediately after the car accident with Deacon pulling an unconscious Rayna from the now upside-down vehicle. But from then on, Rayna's condition is coupled with a variety of flashbacks surrounding her past relationship with Deacon.

First up, we see a much younger, very couple-y looking Deacon and Rayna checking out a house together and basically being all sorts of adorable. The next one is sure to set shipper hearts aflame as an apologetic Deacon proposes to Rayna, begging for her forgiveness and promising things will get better. She, of course, accepts (because, come on, it's Deacon!), which leads to a very steamy sex scene (thank you, writers!).

But alas, their happily ever after just wasn't meant to be -- even back then. The next flashback cuts to the very next morning, where a hungover Deacon doesn't even remember proposing to his lady-love the previous night. Ouch.

This explains why the next flash shows a now-pregnant Rayna trying to pay a visit to a very drunk Deacon, but decides against it with the help of her sister, Tandy, who suggests that Teddy should be the father.

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Crash and Burn

Back in the present day, we learn that two weeks have passed since the accident and Rayna is holed up in the hospital with an induced coma and a serious possibility of brain damage.

Deacon, meanwhile, is being charged with drunk driving and has a bail set at $1 million. Overcome with grief, Deacon opts to immediately plead guilty, admitting that he was the one driving (even though we all know he definitely wasn't). The poor guy just wants to punish himself in any way possible. He doesn't even want an attorney at first, however, the judge strongly advises against it given that his charges could end up including involuntary manslaughter if Rayna's unable to pull through.

Luckily, his appointed attorney is a lot more invested in the case than Deacon seems to be and discovers that he in fact wasn't the one driving at the time of the accident. The bruises on Rayna's chest match where the driver's side seatbelt would've been, making Deacon an innocent man (well, as far as being the direct cause of the accident anyway).

But Deacon, who is obviously content with being miserable, continues to plead that he's the one at fault. He even goes so far as to push Scarlett away, demanding that she leave him alone and denying that he was any sort of father figure to her or anyone. "I'm not your father, you understand me? I'm nobody's damn father!" So yeah, he's really handling this whole thing with flying colors.

First Comes Love, Then Comes...a Record Deal?

Speaking of Scarlett, she's celebrating her last night at the Bluebird, having signed a record deal and about to go on tour. As we all suspected, she decided to say no to Gunnar's not-so-thought-out proposal and is currently single. She wants to learn to stand on her own. Though the way Avery's making eyes at her, we doubt that's the way he wants it.

Gunnar, on the other hand, is trying his best to move on. Will (who's still struggling with his own inner coming-out demons) suggests throwing a party. You know, because there's no healthier way to work through your troubles than with alcohol. But after making out with a random girl and seeing Scarlett's couch get set on fire, he decides that this kind of life just isn't for him. So he heads over to the Bluebird to wish Scarlett farewell.

For old time's sake, Scarlett and Gunnar perform a song they wrote together, which naturally, makes Avery feel jealous. And who can blame him? The way those two were making eyes at each other during the song proves that there may be hope for those two lovebirds yet.

Web of Lies

Three home pregnancy tests later, Peggy has convinced Teddy that she's definitely pregnant and she plans on keeping it. For his part, Teddy is willing to help out financially, but he already has a family and is uninterested in starting a new one. So Peggy goes off to her doctor's appointment alone, where she discovers that she's had a miscarriage. But instead of telling Teddy the truth, she lies and reports that she heard the baby's heartbeat. So yeah, it'll be interesting to see how she plans to pull this off.

Juliette really outdoes herself in the vindictive department this episode (which, let's face it, is one thing we sort of love about her). She's concerned that Rayna's accident will steal all the limelight of her brand new album, which is just about to come out. Major props to Hayden Panettiere for delivering the best line of the night: "Now I have to compete with a saint in a coma." Warms your heart, doesn't it?

But in a stroke of genius evilness, she decides to hold an outdoor concert to help promote her album. It gives her the perfect opportunity to perform some songs, say a few nice words about Rayna, and basically just piggyback off of all of Rayna's press. It's cold, but very smart business planning on her part.

However, when she goes to the hospital for a "show visit," she ends up bonding with Rayna's daughter Maddie, even giving the girl her number in case she ever needs to talk. The act turns to genuine concern, which is always nice to see from Juliette. Maddie also reveals to her that Deacon is her father, so who knows what kind of leverage this will give Juliette in the future. But for now, it melted her cold heart. She even agreed to post Deacon's bail, which she had denied Scarlett hours earlier.

But there was no need. The doctors pulled Rayna out of her coma and thankfully there was no brain damage. She remembers everything and was able to clear Deacon's name. (Though they have yet to see each other, so who knows how that's going to go).

And finally, Tandy is approached once again by the U.S. Attorney's office to turn her father in, which she refuses to do. But they think she'll change her tune once she realizes that her mother's fatal car accident all those years ago was no accident. It looks like her father had a hand in it.

So what did you think of Nashville's Season 2 premiere? Do you think Deacon and Rayna's relationship still has a fighting chance? Will Tandy turn against her father? What will Juliette do now that she knows who Maddie's father really is? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below!

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