'Nashville' is Showing New Signs of Life
'Nashville' is Showing New Signs of Life
Cassie L. Damewood
Cassie L. Damewood
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Nashville is coming back y'all! 

After weeks of shallow stories and way too much time wasted on Juliette's ill-conceived nuptials, last week's episode planted some juicy seeds in the plot that, with the proper nurturing, could add just enough soapy drama to make it a "can't miss" weekly treat.

Baby Daddy Delight

Nothing says trashy indulgence like lapping up dirty little paternity secrets. They're even more satisfying when only one of the daddies knows the secret...and it's not the "real"one. Teddy knows he didn't sire at least one of Rayna's daughters and one can only guess who he's covering for. No, it can't be you-know-who...that would be too predictable. Hopefully the unraveling story will reveal it was some Fuller Brush salesman Rayna shared a sweaty afternoon delight with after sipping some hard cider together on the back porch.


Nothing's sweeter than watching some smug little bastard getting a well-deserved ass-kicking by his lifelong buddies after he screws them over. Avery's lucky his former band members didn't kill him for his unabashed selfishness and lame excuses for leaving them in the dust to grab a chance at fame and fortune.

Eyes Wide Open

Scarlett always looks like she took too many Ambien with those big moon-eyes and slack mouth and her judgment in men has been a bit clouded as well. Watching the proverbial light bulb go off in her head and seeing Avery for the self-serving chump he's always been was refreshing. Now let's see what she can cook up with Gunnar between the sheets and how she takes the band to the top of the charts.

Giving Mama Her Due

Juliette's mom might be strung out on drugs (which thus far have not been identified) but she sure knows her daughter. Give her just a day or two of lucidity and she could probably undo years of mistakes and teach Juliette some long overdue life lessons and good manners.

Cherry Picking

Even though Sean's character is a Tim Tebow rip-off, his cartoonish naivete provides comic relief through basic gender bending. Juliette hightailed it out of town before the wedding champagne had time to go flat, leaving Sean behind to talk to the Lord about the wedded bliss he thought he was going to get as a reward for a lifetime of chastity. Face it, Sean: Juliette took your cherry and left you in the pits.

If the Nashville folks pick up the ball and run with just a few of these character developments, viewers will be clamoring for more by season's end. If they fumble, it will be yet another loss for the South.

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