'Nashville' Exclusive Interview with Charles Esten: Many Challenges Ahead for Deacon
'Nashville' Exclusive Interview with Charles Esten: Many Challenges Ahead for Deacon
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Nashville continues this week after a short hiatus, with an episode called "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts." BuddyTV spoke to star Charles (though he said he prefers "Chip") Esten at this month's Paleyfest event 

Check out our exclusive interview with Charles Esten below. 

In the interview, Esten talked to us about the continued challenges that Deacon will face as the season continues. He also teased that someone new is going to come into Deacon's life and let us see a whole new side of him we've never seen before. 

Here are a few things we learned in the interview:

  • Things are going to continue to be complicated for Deacon and Rayna. 
  • Rayna's marriage ending won't necessarily mean she and Deacon will get together, as other things will get in the way. 
  • Through it all though, there will always be moments where they will be exactly on the same level and able to talk to each other. 
  • Uncle Deacon has noticed that Charlotte used to be more needy and weak, but he's noticed that she is getting more of her own strength with each episode. 
  • Uncle Deacon will always be there for his niece, but the real job is to not have her need him at all. 
  • Traveling on the road with Juliette and Rayna will continue to be a challenge for Deacon as all the glitz and glam isn't really in his ballpark. 
  • A new person will come into Deacon's life, someone not in the music biz, which will bring out another side to him. 

What do you think now that you've heard what Nashville star Charles (Chip) Esten has to say about the rest of the season? Do you hope that he and Rayna can work things out or do you think Juliette will try to get back together with him? Are you excited to find out who this new person is in his life will be?

Nashville airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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