How 'Nashville' Can Tweak Its Season 6 Stories to Pique Interest
How 'Nashville' Can Tweak Its Season 6 Stories to Pique Interest
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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The stories of Nashville season 6 are progressing just fine, but there's no spark. From Juliette's cult-like mentor helping her with her depression to Maddie's new beau and the terrible side of fame, the stories have the potential to rise to greatness with a few simple changes.

Adventures Within the Cult

Juliette's story could (and should) be the most interesting aspect of Nashville this season, but it's not, because the story isn't pushing boundaries and creating tension from the drama of the situation. Hell, Juliette is literally a member of a cult-like group that worships a leader who pretends to know what's best for everyone. Juliette decided to join and cancel her upcoming tour with little thought of what might be happening within this place. It's taken over her life and is changing every part of her in hopes of "making her better," but the leader remains sketchy.

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Juliette's stories on this show have always been some of the most dramatic and entertaining. As much as fans can claim to hate Juliette, it wouldn't be Nashville without her and her crazy antics. Why should this one be any different? Just because Juliette is attempting to better herself doesn't mean the same stakes shouldn't be there. Have Juliette realize strange things are happening within this organization, make her look around for clues and other strange occurrences, and continue to push Juliette on how much she's willing to open herself up to these people and how far she's willing to go for what they're trying to bring her into. Juliette isn't questioning what's happening at all. She basically worships this leader and what he's "helping" her do, which is reason enough for everyone around Juliette to make her reconsider. And with Avery's constant questioning and worry about what Juliette is getting herself into, it should have crossed her mind (and it still could) that she should be looking further into what she's becoming a part of. A cult could be one of the most dramatic and entertaining stories in Nashville history, and with a few changes, Juliette could be the star of this show again and her story could hold the same intrigue, suspense and drama as it did in the past.

Maddie's Rise and Scarlett's Fall

Maddie's story also has lots of potential. First, Maddie isn't really experiencing the fame she should be for how popular a star she is. If this were corrected, we could see Maddie struggle with fame and everything that comes with it, which was why Rayna was so adamantly against Maddie becoming a music star so soon in her life. With her new boyfriend, Jonah, Maddie could be learning all of the negative aspects of being so public and vulnerable, especially since we saw, for the most part, a rather positive view during season 5. Maddie's story could easily be tweaked to add a little drama while keeping with the tone of the season. How is this mess affecting her music? How is the negative attention impacting her mentally? This season is very much about mental health, and this story could bring Maddie into the fold as it can't be easy to deal with negative attention in your life, especially as a celebrity.

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As for Scarlett, joining the horse therapy group was for the best for this point in her life, but we should see her more involved with this while still focusing on her music. Scarlett has all but given up on her career in music now, which is sad because she knows how talented she is. The last time we saw Scarlett preparing be a star on her own, it didn't go too well for her. This could be Scarlett's time to rise, especially with her newfound complete separation from Gunnar.

Deacon's New Relationship and the Boys

Deacon's relationship with Jessie is going a bit too easy now, isn't it? This is Deacon's first real relationship since Rayna's passing -- who he was in love with for over two decades -- so seeing him assimilate into a new relationship is a little bizarre. Where are the many breakdowns over losing Rayna and having to start over with someone else? Where's the emphasis on how difficult this is for him? We need to see the questioning, heartache and all-around pain of this relationship for Deacon, and also how Jessie is dealing with Deacon's pain over Rayna and how much she's willing to put up with.

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Will, Gunnar and Avery's band is becoming a success, especially with their new female singer, but it's kind of overshadowing all of them. If the writers were to step back and figure out how to focus on all of them individually, while keeping the band and partnerships alive, it would be better, since we still have yet to really see Will's steroid addiction addressed, Avery's relationship problems with Juliette fixed or Gunnar's broken heart over Scarlett mended. A little extra focus on each of their lives outside of the band would go a long way.

What do you think? Would these changes make Nashville more interesting, or, if you stopped watching, would it bring you back to the show? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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