Has 'Nashville' Lost Sight of Storylines?
Has 'Nashville' Lost Sight of Storylines?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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With just one episode of Nashville season 5 left, many fans are looking back over the season. We have come a long way since the Season 5B premiere almost 10 weeks ago. Tensions have been high, difficult subject matter has been covered, and plenty of questions have been raised. Yet, it feels like some storylines have just been abandoned; wrapped up in a neat bow.

It almost looks like the writers lost sight of a few storylines. There was hope for some fans that taboo subjects would be covered in depth. Is this really the case?

Daphne's Teen Depression Storyline Has Been Abandoned

The first couple of episodes of Nashville Season 5B were about Daphne. Initially it looked like she was going to turn into the next Maddie; almost throwing tantrums over the smallest thing. Then it all became clear: she was suffering from depression. Teen depression is difficult and often overlooked. Fans praised the show for including this storyline.

There was hope, as Deacon searched for ways to help her. He took advice from the psychologist, instead of turning to alcohol like he would have done in the past. Looking back, the storyline was more about his character development. Now that fans like him as a father to Maddie and Daphne, the teen depression storyline has been forgotten. Daphne is barely seen out of her room!

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Juliette Continually Goes Back and Forth

There are times that it looks like Juliette has turned a corner. Nashville Season 5B has been the chance for her to mature and become the matriarch of the show; the heart and glue that keeps everyone together. There have certainly be times that she's done it, but then an episode later she switches back to her old ways.

This has been the case throughout the half-season in her relationship with Avery. It's almost like the writers just can't put them together happily; that the only way to keep them interesting is with Juliette's drama.

Characters Come and Go

Hallie Jordan looked like a potential new star for the show. She had a beautiful voice and there was the opportunity for an interesting storyline. Unfortunately, it's another one that's been abandoned. She hasn't even been seen for the last few weeks, ever since Juliette became jealous over Hallie and Avery's time together.

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She isn't the only forgotten character. Even the series regulars have been coming up short. There was a chance for Will to see a different side to Zach and learn some truths about his boyfriend, yet this has all been forgotten. If that wasn't interesting enough, his fight to be a Nashville star despite being gay has just been overshadowed with everything else going on.

Part of Nashville losing sight on storylines is due to the issue of the cast size. The members tend to have their own storylines going on, with limited room for crossing into another storyline. Deacon has been the one with the most wriggle room, but it hasn't always worked out naturally. Potentially interesting storylines have had to be pushed to one side to allow for a bigger storyline somewhere else, making part of this series anticlimactic and somewhat disappointing.

Do you think Nashville has lost sight of some storylines? Could Season 5B have been better than what it has been? Share your thoughts below.

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