'Napoleon Dynamite' Season 1 Preview Guide: Yep, He's Back (And So Are The Ligers)
'Napoleon Dynamite' Season 1 Preview Guide: Yep, He's Back (And So Are The Ligers)
Remember Napoleon Dynamite? You know, that 2004 film starring Jon Heder an an unremarkable teenager who loves to daydream and doodle and stuff? Yeah, that quirky slash funny slash sometimes-too-hard-to-get film.

Yes, it is going to be a TV series. An animated one.

And before you go panicking over that news -- oh no, they're touching Napoleon Dynamite, it will never be the same! -- take heart: everybody involved in the original cult classic is involved in the animated series. Jared Hess is still writing, and Jon Heder is still playing (or in this case, voicing) the lead role. And everybody from the original cast is on board to voice their respective characters.

Watch the Napoleon Dynamite season 1 trailer

If you haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, here's your boot camp to the animated series: the show revolves around, well, Napoleon Dynamite, a 16-year-old who daydreams and doodles his way through high school. He lives with his 32-year-old unemployed brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) and his grandmother, simply known as Grandma (Sandy Martin).

His closest friends? There's Pedro (Efren Ramirez), the new kid from Mexico who's painfully shy and yet managed to win the school elections. And then there's Deb (Tina Majorino), a door-to-door vendor who seems to have a crush on Napoleon.

Also on Napoleon Dynamite season 1 are his uncle, the washed-out football star Uncle Rico (Jon Gries), and martial arts instructor Rex (Diedrich Bader). And, of course, Tina the llama.

Napoleon Dynamite season 1 will also feature new characters, some voiced by the current cast, and some featuring the voices of stars such as Jennifer Coolidge and Sam Rockwell (who Hess recently worked with in the 2009 film Gentlemen Broncos). But if anything stays the same, it's Napoleon's sweet moves and his fascination for ligers. Example? This clip below:

Napoleon Dynamite season 1 premieres on January 15 from 8:30pm on Fox.

(Image courtesy of Fox)

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