ABC Cancels 'My Generation'
ABC Cancels 'My Generation'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The fall season has suffered its second casualty. After just two episodes, ABC has canceled the drama My Generation, according to The Live Feed. It's currently unclear what the network will use to fill the gap at 8pm on Thursday.

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The scenario is roughly identical to what happened to Lone Star. The networks canceled both shows the day after their second episode aired. In addition, both were set in Texas, proving that not everything is bigger down there.

The other similarity is that both were good shows. While the fall season has a lot of subpar new shows that are still alive, both Lone Star and My Generation were among the best. However, they were both very different from what's on TV.

My Generation centered on a group of young people who graduated high school in 2000 as a documentary crew follows them 10 years later.

The main problem might have been a competitive time slot. While I loved My Generation, the problem was that I also love nearly every show competing against it. The CW has The Vampire Diaries, FOX has Bones, CBS has The Big Bang Theory and NBC has Community and 30 Rock. That's like a five-car pile-up of shows I like.

So far, the fall season is off to a dubious start with two quality shows gone while dreck like Mike and Molly or $#*! My Dad Says is still making new episodes. This could spell trouble for any future TV shows daring to do anything different.

Source: The Live Feed
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