Dan Cortese and Jon Hotchkiss Talk 'My Dad is Better than Your Dad'
Dan Cortese and Jon Hotchkiss Talk 'My Dad is Better than Your Dad'
On Monday, NBC will air the debut episode of yet another reality show, My Dad is Better Than Your Dad.  Aiming to settle the age-old schoolyard debate regarding paternal skills and credentials, this new series promises to deliver family-friendly competition all in the name of fun.

Host Dan Cortese and creator Jon Hotchkiss talked with Monsters and Critics about their experiences so far with My Dad is Better Than Your Dad.

“This whole series generated from a moment in my life.  I bought my kids a bouncy house.  It's got a big inflatable floor and you blow it up and kids jump inside it,” Hotchkiss told Monsters and Critics.  “I was putting it away.  I was leaning on it and rolling on top of it, and trying to squeeze all the air out.. and as I'm rolling and squeezing, and I'm going, this is a TV show.”

Hotchkiss also explained how they conduct the search to find contestants for My Dad is Better Than Your Dad.

“Our casting team looks all over the country for dads and kids who are going to make dynamic television personalities,” the series creator said.  Hotchkiss assured that although fathers and sons are pitted against each other, the contests remain in the spirit of wholehearted fun and friendship.

“The good thing about the show is that although it's a competition, it's more of a friendly kind of competition that happens,” Hotchkiss added.  “Everyone takes the game seriously, but afterwards everyone shakes hands and they walk off the field having had a great time together.”

For his part, host Dan Cortese narrated how he found himself right smack in the middle of My Dad is Better Than Your Dad.

“I've been offered quite a few different jobs as far as hosting things.  It wasn't ever that I didn't want to host anything,” Cortese remarked.  “I just wanted to find the one thing where I could sort of be myself and bring a little bit of myself to the show.  And when My Dad is Better Than Your Dad was brought up to me and explained to me by Jon and Mike Nichols, and Mark Burnett, it was one of those things where they told me [that] that's what they wanted me to do.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Monsters and Critics
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