More to Love: It's Down to Tali, Malissa A, and Mandy
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
And then there were three, and all of them under 200 lbs.

At first, I thought the More to Love nay-sayers were just overreacting when they decry that Luke is still picking the relatively thin girls. But then we have the final three, and coincidentally or not, it just happened to be the three thinnest girls in the original batch of 20 - Mandy (180 lbs), Malissa A. (170 lbs), and Tali (190 lbs).A lot of More to Love fans predicted correctly that it was indeed Anna (230 lbs) who would be getting the boot on the episode.

On this More to Love episode, we got to meet the family of the four remaining girls. First up was Tali, whom Luke took go-kart racing before her food-bearing aunt and uncle surprised and sort of warned that her folks back in Israel might have problems with Luke being from another culture. Secondly, before her date with Luke, Mandy was whining (yet again) that she couldn't take Luke dating other girls while they were dating (so-to-speak). Where had she been?

Then the two went on a boat tour, and we got to meet her surprisingly cute parents. Then there were comments about: Mandy being crazy, and Mandy not being quite ready for marriage. Whether or not these worked, it's hard to tell. Anna then went on a bowling date with Luke, with her folks raising some issues on her modeling career and trying to settle down.

Malissa, finally, looked awesome on her date, and there was some obvious sexual tension between the two. We got to meet her two sisters, and some story about her mom dying when her younger sis was just 4. The two sisters also said something about Malissa not being the type who'd be a good mom.

The three are going to Hawaii on the next episode of More to Love. Tune in next week.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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