Moonlight: What's Next for Sophia Myles?
Moonlight: What's Next for Sophia Myles?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Moonlight has been canceled by CBS but it doesn't mean that its cast members are moping around this whole time.  While lead star Alex O'Loughlin has raft of movie offers to read through, on-screen love interest Sophia Myles is already waiting for the release for next thriller project called Outlander.

“It will be out sometime this year.  It's set in 709 A.D. I play a Viking warrior princess in a small Viking village.  Right at the beginning of the story, an alien ship crash lands onto Planet Earth, and onboard is Jim Caviezel, from The Passion of the Christ, and this terrifying Morwin, that looks like a dragon/bull.  He's brought that with him, from a galaxy far, far away.  It's an epic adventure, where we try to slay the beast.  I haven't seen that mixture of period and science fiction before, so that was interesting to me,” the Moonlight actress told MediaBlvd Magazine.

Of course, this isn't Myles' first fantasy project.  The 28-year-old actress has not only starred on Moonlight as internet reporter Beth Turner but has also landed roles in the BBC Dracula mini-series and played the title role in the Hugo Award-winning “Girl in the Fireplace” episode of the BBC's new Doctor Who series.

Comparing horror and sci-fi genres, Myles reveals what she is most fond of.

"I would say I'd pick sci-fi over vamps," she said.  "There's got to be other forms of life out here.  I think it'd be incredibly self-centered to think that us on planet Earth are the most powerful, the only thing out there.  So yeah, that fascinates me."

In addition to Outlander, Myles is also part of the movie Buddha's Little Finger, which is currently in production.  The film gives a surreal look at Russia during the revolutionary 1990s, and stars Rupert Friend and Jean-Marc Barr, just to name a few.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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