Moonlight: Episode 15 "What's Left Behind" Recap
Moonlight: Episode 15 "What's Left Behind" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Moonlight: Beth quit her job at BuzzWire and asked Josef to kill a paparazzo who knew Mick's secret. New ADA Ben Talbot, however, had already received the incriminating photos.

Beth (Sophia Myles) starts the day meeting with Ben, who wants her help on an abducted kid because she wrote two stories on similar incidents in the past year. Meanwhile, Josef (Jason Dohring) and Mick get back to Josef's pad after a busy day of couch shopping. That is a scene I am furious we didn't get to see. A news report on the abduction comes on the TV and Mick (Alex O'Loughlin) is quite interested in it. He runs into Beth at the scene and says he grew up in that neighborhood.

This takes us into a sepia-toned flashback when Mick and his buddy Ray headed off to World War II. They bid farewell to Ray's wife Lilah and we learn that after getting back home, Mick got busy with Lilah.

The missing kid, Jacob, is the son of Robert, who is Lilah's son. Ben is happy to have Mick's assistance on the case. Beth calls Mick on his odd reaction to the case, but he denies knowing the people involved. Ben reveals knowing all about Beth's past. Beth notices a photo from the war and recognizes a certain someone. She goes to ask Mick about it, and he reveals that Robert was born just seven months after Ray returned from the war, suggesting that Mick could be the missing kid's grandpa.

This leads to another flashback to WWII. Medic Mick tended to Ray's wounds when the Germans ambushed their detail. Mick woke up eight months later and was told he was the only survivor of their platoon, so he went back home and made sure Lilah was OK. He did various chores around the house, which naturally led to a little romance. Eventually, Ray returned (he was in a coma and lost his dog tags) and Mick made himself scarce, not knowing at the time that he may or may not have impregnated Lilah.

Back in the present, Beth and Mick return to the scene of the crime and Mick doesn't smell any vampires. Beth asks about paternity tests, but Mick has 1,000 vampire excuses for why that's impossible (altered DNA and so forth). They find a secret compartment from the attic to Jacob's room, so they need a list of recent contractors. Mick also discovers a coal chute used to enter the house.

Ben gets called in, and he does a little prying into Mick's past. For those interested, he wears a size 10.5 shoe, his favorite color is blue, and he prefers boxers over briefs. Ben goes off to solve the case with these new leads and Beth helps, so Ben offers her a job to work in the DA's office. Mick plucks some hair off Robert for some possible paternity testing. On Mick's side, he pulls out his old military issue footlocker to hopefully find some pre-vamp Mick DNA. Josef stops by Mick's place to retrieve his cell phone and after hearing about the paternity test, Josef reveals he regrets that he never sired a real kid.

Beth helps Mick out by fast-tracking the paternity test and on their way to investigate the abduction, the issue of kids comes up, because humans and vampires can't make babies. Mick talks to Robert to have him go through a list of suspects and he finally remembers some guy named Ken, who then calls up Mick and reveals he's been watching Mick and Beth throughout the whole case.

Mick picks up Beth at the county office to see Ken's house's blueprints, determining Jacob is being kept in the basement. Mick goes off to rescue his possible grandson while Beth thinks they should wait for Ben's warrant. Mick storms the basement while the LAPD take the house. Ken claims the abduction is therapy to teach Jacob not to be afraid of the dark. Mick attacks Ken, who fires his gun, then gets angry that it doesn't scare Mick. Vowing that Jacob will never be found, Ken turns the gun on himself. Mick wanders around, then hears a faint heartbeat through a brick wall, so he breaks through it and rescues Jacob.

Some time later, Mick gets the DNA test. In the immortal words of Maury Povich, “Mick, you are NOT the father!” This means a partially paralyzed Ray had a big premature baby. Mick decides against paying a visit to his not-family, which is for the best, as Jacob recognized his savior's face from the old WWII photo in their living room.

Next week on the season finale of Moonlight: Is Mick cheating on Beth with a sexier, younger blonde chick?

Also next week on Wednesday, CBS has its upfront presentation, so we'll officially learn whether Moonlight will get a second season and, if so, when it will air in the Fall.

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