Moonlight: Episode 13 "Fated to Pretend" Recap
Moonlight: Episode 13 "Fated to Pretend" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Moonlight: Coraline gave Mick some of her French nobility super blood to temporarily cure him of his vampirism. Beth's DA boyfriend, who was planning on asking her to marry him, was killed by a gang member he was prosecuting.

Human Mick (Alex O'Loughlin) is enjoying his new life, which starts by waking up in a bed and drinking some coffee. Shirtless. Then he heads out for a day on the pier scarfing down hot dogs and scoping out babes. Then it's time for a stroll on the beach, with his shirt open. If this amount of shirtlessness is typical, I think I understand why Moonlight has so many fans. He meets up with Beth (Sophia Myles) for a picnic on the beach, where he buttons his shirt back up again.

They talk about her dead fiancée and she admits she shouldn't have asked Mick to turn him into a vampire, and then she says she would've said “No” had she gotten the proposal because she's in love with Mick.

Josef (Jason Dohring) is frustrated with remodeling when Mick shows up. Josef wants to know if Mick has slept with Beth yet, because all Josef cares about is sex. He encourages Mick to go sleep with the woman he loves while he's still human.

At home, Beth gets a call from her boss who has a hot BuzzWire lead. Only when she arrives, the office is a mess and Maureen is dead. Wow, I'm new to this show, but I would not want to hang out with Beth – she's like a death magnet. The new ADA, Ben Talbot (Eric Winter), arrives to ask some questions. Beth says Maureen's laptop is missing, and Ben is rather disrespectful. Mick and Beth go to the morgue and they learn from Guillermo that Maureen was killed by a vampire.

Beth and Mick are on the hunt breaking into Maureen's apartment, and she's upset Mick is human and can't do “that sexy vampire jumping thing.” Using her female intuition, Beth decides to look in the last place anyone would think to look for a missing flash drive – Maureen's box of tampons. She finds it, and while downloading the information, Mick plays with Maureen's cat, another new human experience as animals hate vampires.

Since the files are encrypted, they head to Guitar Hero Logan to help out. Sadly, the password to decrypt the files is “Travis,” the name of Maureen's cat. She was the most predictable person ever if it's this easy to find and unlock her secret files. The files include several suspects, including a donut company, a mayoral candidate and Josef.

They interrogate Josef about a charity scam, and he makes jokes the whole time. You know what, I totally love Josef. He's like Logan Echolls without the angst. Next up is Morrow, the mayoral candidate, and Mick chats up his daughter Bonnie, then drills Morrow about his wife's “car accident” three years ago. Beth talks to suspect three, the donut chairwoman whose spokesperson died, possibly due to eating the deadly baked dough.

They all meet back at Logan's and settle on Morrow as the likeliest candidate. They head back to the morgue where they see the donut spokeswoman had liposuction. Talbot runs into Beth at the morgue and asks her to butt out of his investigation, which she ignores. Mick chases down Maureen's source on Mrs. Morrow's “car accident” and he's not too pleased to have to run after him.

The source, Luis Perez, was the valet the night Mrs. Morrow died, and he lets Mick know Mr. Morrow was the one driving. He also says he wasn't the one who sent the e-mails to Maureen. Logan does some more digging to reveal someone manipulated the data to make it look like Perez sent it. The e-mail actually came from Morrow's campaign headquarters.

Mick sees Bonnie flee to the roof, where she threatens to jump. It turns out Bonnie couldn't live with the secret that her dad is responsible for her mom's death. Mick tries to talk her down and Beth, Talbot and Morrow all arrive to hear her confession. Bonnie tries to jump, but Mick grabs her out of the air and brings her back. However, it also turns out that, despite this info, Morrow didn't kill Maureen.

That leaves the donut lady, so Mick, Beth and Talbot go to the plastic surgeon who did the spokesperson's liposuction. The surgeon is standoffish, and when provoked he vamps out and takes down Talbot and Mick before turning his sights on the “tasty” Beth.

Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring, Moonlight Mick gets stitched up at the morgue where Guillermo tells him the surgeon, Anders, sells rare blood, which Beth happens to have. He goes to stock up on weapons for an assault when Josef arrives to talk him out of it. Josef offers up a demonstration on how a vampire would kick the crap out of Mick in no time. The lesson learned, Mick realizes to save Beth he has to be turned back into a vampire. Josef balks, but Mick begs him to do it, so Josef asks for forgiveness then chows down on Mick's neck. Vampire Mick rises up, better and badder than ever.

Mick and Josef bust down the plastic surgeon's door and they go hogwild kicking some vampire ass. Once the bad guys are all staked, Mick and Josef rescue Beth and Talbot. Afterward, Beth doesn't think Talbot will be happy with so many unanswered questions about what happened. She's upset he had to turn back into a vampire for her, but he has no regrets. She claims the reason they can't be together isn't the human/vampire divide, it's just him. So he grabs her and kisses her and asks for a little time to figure it out.

Next week on Moonlight: It's Mick vs. the paparazzi as he tries to protect a movie starlet.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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