CBS Upfront Preview: HIMYM Safe, 'Moonlight' in Danger, Six New Shows Ordered
CBS Upfront Preview: HIMYM Safe, 'Moonlight' in Danger, Six New Shows Ordered
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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You'd think the CBS upfront presentation would be pretty dull whit Wednesday.  With the sheer volume of successful crime procedurals (the CSI franchise, NCIS, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Ghost Whisperer, etc) it's hard to believe there's any room on the schedule for new shows.  Nonetheless, Variety reports that CBS has ordered six new shows for its 2008-2009 season, including four hour-long dramas.  And while How I Met Your Mother is safe (thanks, one assumes, to the Britney bump), the amount of dramas is very, very bad news for Moonlight.

---In the CBS comedy world, How I Met Your Mother fanatics can rest easy as TV Guide says it's a lock for a fourth season. The second funniest show on that network (in my opinion), The New Adventures of Old Christine, is less certain, but if CBS does pass, it's still a lock to jump ship to ABC (where it could be paired with Scrubs in a brilliant second-life pairing).

---Putting Old Christine in danger is the recent pickup of two new sitcoms for CBS, Worst Week, a remake of a British comedy, and Project Gary, the “Jay Mohr is a single dad” sitcom.

---On the drama side at CBS, all you Moonlight fans better get your stakes, blood or garlic ready, because things are looking bad for Mick St. John. According to Variety, CBS is ordering four new dramas for next season, in addition to possibly bringing back The Unit and moving it to Fridays at 9pm. The four new shows include:

-The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker as a man who uses his powers of perception to solve crimes. Think Medium with a man.

-Eleventh Hour, another British remake starring Rufus Sewell as the lead investigator of scientific horrors. Think The X-Files if the Cigarette Smoking Man was replaced by Bill Nye.

-The Ex-List (formerly Mythological X), in which a woman learns from a psychic that she's already dated her soul mate, forcing her to retrace her relationship history. Think High Fidelity with a woman.

-Harper's Island, a horror story that takes place during a secluded wedding on an island off the Seattle coast. Think every teen slasher movie ever made in the last 10 remains unaccounted for. years, only as a TV show.
Come back for more details as they emerge on CBS' Fall schedule and the fate of Moonlight.

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