Spoiler Alert: 'Modern Family' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Modern Family' Spoilers
The two-time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Comedy Series, Modern Family, continues to prove why it is the best of the best right now. So far in season 3, we've followed the three generational families on a vacation to a Dude Ranch, learned that Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) are ready to adopt a baby boy and witnessed Phil (Ty Burrell) live out his dream of tightrope walking.

Yes, these are the reasons why we love Modern Family and these sorts of instances are abundant for the rest of the season. So why not pinpoint some Modern Family spoilers to prepare us for what's to come! If spoilers are not your thing, feel free cover your eyes now.

Phil Thinks It's All Over

After a lifetime supply of razorblades nears its end, Phil believes that this must be the end. His life is soon coming to a close. Numerous signs will point in this direction, leading to believe that someone knows something he doesn't.

Claire Has a Wild Night with Another Man

Julie Bowen's character finds herself with an opportunity to get away. Phil and the kids are all preoccupied, so she decides to invite Mitchell and Cam out for a night of fun. These two would rather not be bothered, but they do introduce Claire to a friend of theirs. She and this friend have a night out on the town. Everything is fun and games until Claire finds herself less clothed out with a straight man.

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Salsa Dancing

Gloria (Sofia Vergara) just cannot seem to get Jay (Ed O'Neill) to ever go dancing with her. So she calls Cam for a "dance emergency." It's a match made in salsa heaven; they dance perfect together. The only problem is that Gloria can't seem to dance without singing along.

Two Girls, One Class

Haley (Sarah Hyland) is a senior. Alex (Ariel Winter) is a freshman. Somehow they end up in the same math class. Nobody ever saw this coming.

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Faster Than a Street Sign?

Luke becomes obsessed with street signs in one episode and wants to test his skills on a very special sign. This one measures the speed of oncoming traffic. So, without knowing a truck is nearby, he runs past the sign. Luke now believes that he is able to run 30 miles per hour.

The First Thanksgiving

It's the first Thanksgiving episode for Modern Family and it won't be your usual gathering. Apparently the Pritchett's will face off against their spouses for a pumpkin launch.

There is a lot in store for Modern Family viewers this season. What do you think of these Modern Family spoilers?

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Jilliane Johnson
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