Is 'Modern Family' a Shoo-In for Emmy #4?
Is 'Modern Family' a Shoo-In for Emmy #4?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After just one episode of Modern Family's fourth season, I feel confident in declaring that the show will win its fourth consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series next year.

The show's recent three-peat was expected but deserved, and based on the season 4 premiere, the magic is still there.

The premiere, titled "Bringing Up Baby," was down slightly in the ratings from the previous season premiere (14.44 million as opposed to 14.53 million), but it was still the second highest-rated episode of the series.

Modern Family picked up right where it left off, with Gloria eagerly wanting to tell everyone she's pregnant. She became worried that Jay, celebrating his 65th birthday, wouldn't take the news so well, but others did. Claire's reaction ("You're gonna get so fat!") proved why Julie Bowen deserved to win her second Emmy this year.

The episode was clever, hilarious, sweet and, most importantly, well-made. The brilliant ending showed Jay incredibly happy about the news that his life was about to begin again with a new baby, followed by a seamless edit that flashed forward several months to a very pregnant Gloria, a bearded Phil and Cam and Mitchell fresh off a vacation to England (and the proud owners of a new kitty named Larry).

Co-creator Steven Levitan, who directed the episode, could easily repeat his recent Emmy victory for Directing in a Comedy Series with this episode as it was beautifully done.

So while it is incredibly early, I don't see any other shows coming close to the level of consistent perfection Modern Family has to offer. Not only will it almost certainly win a fourth Emmy next year, but it could very well continue to dominate the categories. Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill are being given the best material this season and it could hopefully lead to the two brilliant actors finally winning Emmys themselves.

What did you think of the Modern Family season 4 premiere? Was it brilliant as always and sure to win even more awards, or do you think the show's best days are behind it?

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