Buddy Bites: Bret Michaels Keeps Rocking, Mitchell's (Female) Ex on 'Modern Family'
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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More Bret to Come

Rock star turned reality sensation, Bret Michaels, has announced details for his new reality show. Instead of courting bus loads of women on Rock of Love, or vying for a seat next to Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice, Michaels will be getting the old "this is what my life is like" treatment. His new show for VH1, titled Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, will focus on the rockers personal life as he juggles life as a father, lover, rocker and bandana wearer.

Michaels says this show is different from his previous reality TV ventures because this will be "unprotected reality." He is really trying to pull the no holds barred angle when it comes to his show, but "unprotected reality?" Unless his show is live (wouldn't that be rad?) it will be as canned, produced and addictive as the rest of them. [People]

Piers Got Talent
Piers Morgan's new CNN show is planning to bring in the big stars. The winner of The Celebrity Apprentice and the snarky judge of America's Got Talent has big suspenders to fill when he takes over for Larry King next year. He has already lined up Donald Trump and Simon Cowell to be his first guests. CNN is really bleeding viewers and they are really hoping Morgan's show will be the one to bring them back from the brink. Cowell should be a huge ratings pull because his interview will be right around the time the Cowell-less American Idol debuts. [Deadline]

Mitchell Meets his Closeted Past
This could be awkward for Cam. It looks like we will be meeting Mitchell's ex girlfriend on an upcoming episode of Modern Family. It was announced today that Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played the lovable but sometimes irritating Chole on 24, has signed on to play Mitchell's old high school girlfriend. I'm guessing this is the same woman who was referenced last week when Claire razzed Mitchell about never kissing his old girlfriend. How will uptight Mitchell deal with his two worlds colliding? I can't wait! [TV Guide]

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