Models of the Runway 2: Preview of Episode 3 "Modeling Difficulties"
Models of the Runway 2: Preview of Episode 3 "Modeling Difficulties"
From the title itself, we can already assume that drama is afoot on tonight's episode of Models of the Runway.  It's not just because their designers have been tasked to work in pairs, but there seems to be a lot of conflict among the models.  Do we expect tears?  Yes, and voices cracking to say that they need a hug.

On "Modeling Difficulties" tonight, the remaining 14 models find themselves having trouble living with one another.  The competition is getting more and more intense, plus the pressure is building up for these supermodel hopefuls.

If you managed to catch the preview clip from last week's episode, you'll see some catty behavior among the girls.  First of all, Megan goes off whining about something.  She's creating her own drama, blaming someone else for not talking to her.

She also said that she was "freaking out" and being ignored, so she drags most of the other girls with her.  As they discuss the issue, Megan becomes more insecure and makes things worse.

The other models aren't really feeling all that great too.  Brandise, bringing her years of experience into the problem once again, is doing her best to stay sane amidst the drama. And she can't.  She calls out Megan for being immature about the issue, which is bound to cause more trouble for the group.

On the runway, meanwhile, it's got to be professional.  Sophia starts talking about how necessary it is to bring out her best on the runway.  She really doesn't take into account the amicable personality you need to get by in this world.  But how friendly can you get when you're dealing with a Mohawk?

For Sophia, it looks like it's going to be tough.  She isn't one to compromise, so it's quite a predicament for the stylists.  These girls really are making up their own crises.

There truly will be "Modeling Difficulties" on Models of the Runway tonight, all thanks to these whiny contestants.  Sure it's a cutthroat world, but sometimes you have to grin and bear it.  Catch the new episode at 11pm on Lifetime.

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