Models of the Runway 2: Preview of Episode 2 "Excuse Me, Is My Butt Showing?"
We can thank the title for stating the obvious about what's in store for tonight's episode of Models of the Runway.  A wardrobe malfunction on the catwalk will be caused by one of the Project Runway 7 designers, which is unfortunate for their model.

Well, it really is a tough job having to work with potato sacks as fabric.  There's bound to be some bit of comedy behind-the-scenes, and we can't just pass that up.

As we saw on the trailer following last week's premiere, tonight's episode of Project Runway and Models of the Runway will feature quite an unfortunate circumstance.  We could get our schadenfreude out of the way, but that's hardly possible.

Anyway, we're talking about a butt shot, with a giant "oops!" covering it up.  You can check the trailer for Project Runway below to see what I'm talking about.

Some of you may be screaming "That's horrible!" and sympathizing with the model right there, but these things do happen.  Let her learn from it, and hopefully the designer will too. Super-short garments hardly work out, especially when they're made with potato sacks.

Also on Models of the Runway tonight, the designers may even be switching it up a bit.  Heidi Klum has allowed them to choose their own models for the challenges, and the drama escalates when some contestants refuse their designers.

On the previous episode of Models of the Runway, we got to know the 16 girls competing for the top prize.  It was Kelly Gervais of New Jersey who was eliminated because she had Christiane King as her designer, and the others didn't want her.  The dress didn't work well for her too, especially because of the awkward fabric choice.

Speaking of which, tonight's episode will be dominated by awkward fabric since the girls are subjected to wearing customized potato sacks.  Burlap is already difficult to work with; imagine them having to spend make-up and catwalk time wearing that.

Don't forget to catch the new episode of Models of the Runway, titled "Excuse Me, Is My Butt Showing?", as it airs tonight on Lifetime at 11pm.

Source: Lifetime
(Image Courtesy of Lifetime)