[Video] 10 Things to Expect from 'Mistresses'
[Video] 10 Things to Expect from 'Mistresses'
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It needs to be pointed out how ABC has been portraying women in their shows by the show's title: Desperate Housewives. Scandal. Red Widow. Now, there's Mistresses. One only lasted for one season, another has become the most-watched primetime drama and the other had an eight-year run. Where will Mistresses fall? 

A long montage of clips might clue us in on the answer, as we get a closer look at the characters and the plot lines that they'll be thrown into.

1. Let's just say, judging by the video, my hopes are not high for this show. But then again, that's what I thought initially about Desperate Housewives and look how popular -- and how long -- it lasted.

2. Savannah or "Savi" is the main woman in the group of four gal pals. She and her beach bum-looking Aussie husband try to spice up their marriage, which sounds difficult since they schedule their sex life. But she's trying to get pregnant, and has fertility issues. There are zinger (sarcasm) lines, "We shouldn't waste the good stuff," when the guy says he should be on top.

3. Savannah is a lawyer. It looks like she has a lot of things going for her. Until the day she has a one-night stand with her equally good-looking colleague at the firm. Combined with the fertility issues, it's pretty predictable where this is headed.

4. Devastated and unable to forgive herself, Savannah turns to her friend Karen, who's having hookup drama of her own, but let's get to her later. Because Savannah does get pregnant -- like we didn't see that coming. But who is the father? The suspense is killing me!

5. Back to Karen, a successful therapist with one small problem: she keeps getting attracted to her clients. Okay if it's just one -- maybe. But beyond that, sister needs a therapist of her own. First, she was involved with a married client, then with someone who is terminally ill who she prescribed morphine to. This storyline is all kinds of wrong, putting therapists in a bad light that they might take advantage of their clients.

6. After the patient dies (terminally ill, remember?) his son and wife turn to Karen, having no clue she was involved with their dad and husband. Well, this is a sticky situation if I've ever seen one.

7. Then there's April, who's never done an impulsive or reckless thing in her life. She's still grieving her husband's death. But wait, it turns out he was cheating on her because a woman shows up at April's door saying she was pregnant when he died -- and the baby's like 3 or 4 years old.

8. And because there's a fourth woman, and pretty much every storyline imaginable has been taken by the other three, she's jumped to the other side. Josslyn is a lesbian. Why is having a character be lesbian the "default" storyline because there's nothing else for her to do/be?

9. This show is based off the BBC show by the same name, which lasted three seasons. I've watched short clips here and there, and that show doesn't look nearly as cheesy as the U.S. version. What will be interesting to watch is how April (woman who was cheated on) and Savannah (the woman who does the cheating) will react when they find out about the other's situation.

10. The primetime schedule is nowhere as meaty during the summer as it is compared to the rest of the year. There's a reason why a show is airing in the summer, so your expectations can't be so high. I'm excited to see Alyssa Milano back on TV, and it's Sun from Lost! She's alive!

Mistresses premieres Monday, June 3 on ABC at 10pm.

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