'Mistresses' Time Change and Spoilers: Will Karen Use Sam as an Alibi?
'Mistresses' Time Change and Spoilers: Will Karen Use Sam as an Alibi?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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With just three episodes left in the season, ABC's summer soap, Mistresses, moves to an earlier time slot. Now you can get your fix of sexy women doing bad things and find out who Savi's baby daddy is -- if we ever find out -- at 9pm on Mondays. 
This is nothing but good news for Alyssa Milano and crew, as they were facing CBS' Under the Dome in their previous time. 9pm is a bit cushiony and comes after last month's announcement that the network extended the actresses' contracts through the end of September. 

With the season winding down, it looks like things are just heating up before coming to a crashing halt. 

Check out the promo of "Full Disclosure" and read on for even more spoilers. 

What We Learn From the Clip:

- Looks like Joss gives into her boss' advances, and now Alex wants some answers. Even though Joss turned him down last week, we knew the inevitable was going to happen. But still, does she turn anyone down? Will Alex put up with Joss' wild side?

- Savi comes clean about her feelings for Dom -- to who though it remains to be seen -- and we also see them locking lips again. Is this a precursor to their relationship and the fact that he's the father of her baby or is she just setting herself up for more heartbreak when it's revealed that Dom is the father?

- Harry throws a punch -- Dom, obviously, right?

- There's a bad car crash! Who's in it?

More Spoilers:

- As Karen prepares for her deposition, her lawyer advises her that the less she says, the better. If the topic of morphine comes up, she's to plead the fifth. If she doesn't talk about it, they can't contradict her notes and her prior statements. And if the affair comes up, she's to plead the fifth again. 

- It sounds like Karen will take Sam up on his offer and use him as an alibi for the night his father died. But as we saw in the preview, that might blow up in her face. Oh, Karen.

- April wonders if it's actually great that Paul's about to leave because she's keeping her daughter away from her father. She's torn between telling Lucy about her not-dead father. She turns to Karen and Joss, but wonders where Savi is for advice (because she's the most logical and sensible one).

- Joss tells Harry she can't break the sister code after revealing to him that she's in possession of the paternity results. But, she advises him to seek out the results himself by going to the clinic where Savi had her test.

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