'Mistresses' Recap: An Unexpected Visit from Mom
'Mistresses' Recap: An Unexpected Visit from Mom
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week's episode of Mistresses, "Guess Who's Coming for Dinner," sees Savi's mother make a surprise visit into her daughters' lives. One minute with her, and it's obvious which daughter got her mom's genes. Meanwhile, Paul unexpectedly pays Karen a visit, hoping to get closer to April.

Mommy Dearest?

In a dream, it's 1988 and Savi's a pre-teen and Joss is seven, and they're both at the beach. Why is this relevant? Because their mother's swimming -- and Savi wakes up. Chalk it up to the pregnancy hormones for having a dream where she sees her mother, and the next day she actually shows up. 

Dropping by unexpectedly? Announcing that she's moving to Rio and wanted to see her daughters before she left? Joss definitely is more like her mother, while Savi is her father. And then it turns out the women are stepsisters -- this is new news, right?! Well, that makes sense now since Savi and Josslyn are as different as can be.

Joss has the idea to throw her mother a goodbye party, and she tells her mother that she wants to visit -- as in right now -- and go with her to help her find a place. Josslyn seems to desperately want some love from her mother. Not the act of love because they are affectionate, but the important things that matter, like being there.

Unfortunately, it seems like her mother hasn't been the best mom ever. Savi was the one who took care of her sister while their mom lived her life the way she wanted. Savi even reveals to her mother that the necklace Josslyn wears to this day, the one that Joss believes her mother gave her when she was young, was actually given by Savi. Savi knew her mother would forget Joss' birthday, so she took every penny she had saved to buy the necklace and said it was from mom.

Their mom says she tried, but then she runs off to Rio with the bartender she hired for her goodbye party, leaving Joss behind -- and devastated.

If there's any silver lining to this, it's that Savi and Joss put their squabble from before behind them. In a gesture of trust, Savi gives Joss the letter with the paternity test because she trusts Joss the most with it.

He Never Left

In keeping up with unexpected guests, there's Paul who seems to have a Peeping Tom problem. Again, he watches April from across the street, this time at her work while she's talking with Richard. He pops up at Karen's place unexpectedly because she's the most practical one and believes she'll get April to talk to him. But even if she doesn't, it doesn't matter because Paul's going to visit April anyway. 

So why does he want to keep barging into April's life? Well, he wants to see his daughter. April should not give into his request/demand. She's going to be one messed-up person when she finds out at her young age that her father faked her own death. It's not right at any age!

Being Set Up

All the crazy stuff happens to Karen in this episode. While she deals with the Paul situation, she's also freaking out about Mrs. Grey knowing that Karen had an affair with her husband. But did she just find out recently -- possibly when Sam gave his mom sunglasses believing they were hers but were actually Karen's -- or had she known all along, and then killed her husband for it?

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Mrs. Grey was up to no good, especially when she disappeared for a period of time. When Dom reveals to Mrs. Grey that the insurance claim won't go through because her husband might have been suicidal, she acts shocked. Of course, those notes came to be because she pretty much blackmailed Karen into writing it.

But now, she's claiming her innocence, saying the date of the notes don't make sense because she and her husband were on vacation.

And in the end, Karen gets served for a wrongful death lawsuit. This has big implications, obviously. It's not just her professional life that's at stake, but also her personal one, since Savi's firm is the one taking care of Mrs. Grey.

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