'Mistresses' Recap: Is April About to Get Conned?
'Mistresses' Recap: Is April About to Get Conned?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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April gets served in this week's episode of Mistresses, "A Kiss is Just a Kiss?" -- with paternity results that prove the kid is her dead husband's, but that still doesn't mean things aren't fishy when it comes to that whole situation. Meanwhile, Karen is drawn to Sam while Josslyn is drawn to April. And Savi deals with her pregnancy.

Does Sam Have a Motive?

Karen finds a wallet in her car -- Sam's wallet from when she dropped him off. How convenient of him to "accidentally" leave something of his in her car, something that she just has to give back, forcing their paths to cross yet again.

Her attempt to stuff it into his mailbox doesn't work, but it's too late anyway because Sam has just come home and invites her inside. Once inside the apartment where she would shackle up with Sam's now-dead father, Karen continues to reveal herself as the other woman. For example, she's in tears when she reads a letter from Sam's dad to him about following his passion. She has to stop herself when she knows where to get the glasses and she shows way too much emotion over finding out the photos hanging on the walls are actually Sam's photographs. 

If Sam hasn't figured it out by now, he's stupid. I'm hoping the opposite, and that he's testing her to her limit. Even when he kisses her, after they share a moment. Unfortunately, he seems to be of the former, as he seems totally smitten by his father's therapist/lover.

Josslyn and Alex Get Closer

I'm bringing up the fact that Josslyn is kind of useless on this show. She's Savi's sister and by default part of the Mistresses' inner circle, but she's not that close with Karen or April. Well, Harry seems to notice this fact too because he totally calls her out on it! Jokingly, of course. So the writers want us to think that she's useless? Not sure what to think about that.

Anyway, Josslyn grows closer with Alex, her maybe client. She'd be her client if Alex's girlfriend wasn't so controlling. There's definitely chemistry between Josslyn and Alex, which is nice because there's a buildup of what's to come. It's not like it just happened out of nowhere because she's bored with men.

Josslyn's sister, meanwhile, deals with the results of her home pregnancy test by taking a real one at the doctor's, who confirms it. With technology so advanced these days, you can find out the paternity by the father's (in this case) razor blade. Savi swipes Harry's blade one night to send it off to get it tested.

Taken Advantage Of

The show's other paternity test seems less believable. I'm sure it's possible to get paternity results from the deceased, but I'd imagine that in order to do so, you'd have to ask the wife or something. You can't just get what you need from someone in the grave! Am I making sense here?

That doesn't seem to register with April one bit, as she's certain that the test results some attorney drops off to her are real. The other woman continues to pressure April to pay up. While they're outside, the little boy falls off his chair and has to be taken to the hospital. Yes, accidents happen, but the mother wasn't even watching the boy -- she wasn't even facing him! So, yeah, red flags everywhere.

At the hospital, the woman doesn't have insurance for her son (of course she doesn't), so April offers to take care of it for them. Again, how, I don't know? I don't think you can just pass on your insurance coverage to anyone, can you?

It's somewhat of a bonding moment between the two moms because April pulled through when she had no obligation to. Unfortunately, in the end we see that the gold digger hired a professional actor to play the attorney.

It could go either way. The woman knew so many details about April's dead husband, although it's very plausible it's a combination of knowing a little bit and then making other things up. It sort of sounded like she hired the attorney to speed along the process of trying to get some money -- but the child is Paul's.

On the other hand, she's seemed deceitful from the start. I mean, continually calling April and not saying anything and hanging up? And now being overly aggressive? Something's not right.

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