'Mistresses' Recap: Harry and Savi Make Life-Altering Decisions
'Mistresses' Recap: Harry and Savi Make Life-Altering Decisions
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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One of the best lines of this week's Mistresses installment, "What Do You Really Want?" is delivered by hottie newcomer Brian Hallisay, who plays Ben Odell, Karen's latest lover. Ben's line was: "You can't help who you love." That comment halfway through the episode pretty much sums up the sentiments portrayed all around. This is Mistresses, after all. Thank god for Mistresses. I need my night of happy just as much as the next woman and this show hits on all the right cylinders.

So what happened? Savi has an epiphany while spending time with her boy bestie and accidental cohort, the lovely Zack Kilmer (Jason Gerhardt). Karen has a steamy repeat performance with a lover she picks up at a hotel bar while pretending to be sutty "Rebecca." April flirts with becoming more acquainted with Samantha (Elaine Hendrix) and learns that there's more wonky going on in that marriage than just the philandering husband. And Joss, well, she's the only one who seems to have gotten something right in the love department this week. God bless Justin Hartley in his role as Scott Thompson. I just love that guy so much, I wanna bake him cookies.


Excuse me, but Mistresses is way over their quota on holy-hot-sexy-menfolk. Someone please pass me a glass of cold water before I melt off this couch. Savi's Zack gets more and more adorable with every scene, especially now that he doesn't seem to have any ulterior motives for manipulating her.

Harry is always stinkin' adorable ... who can resist those cool blue eyes and the gorgeous accent? The heat between him and Savi doesn't seem to ever quit. Scott, well, you already know how I feel about Scott. Dom is always delicious even when he's pissed. 

Karen's new lover, Ben, is totally sponge-worthy. April's Daniel, Mr. "Hottie of the Century" Himself didn't even make an appearance in "What Do You Really Want?" 

By the end of the season, Mistresses will have enough Boy-Joy-Toy personalities to fill a calendar. Can I preorder mine? Place your order in the comments section below, ladies, and don't forget to get one for all your friends. #Seriously

Savi's Wanting to Knit Some Baby Booties

Remember all the fun last week? Zack and Savi went to a concert together and she ended up with a fab tat on the back of her neck. The girls later had an ineffective intervention with her, but she refused to give him up or to tell Dom about Zack. Well, this week, an evening with Zack inspires Savi's epiphany: she wants to have a baby. Now. 

This week, Savi asks Dom to help her have that baby, but he spins a tale of cohabitation, marriage, a fab vacation somewhere tropical and not for kids, and then you-and-me-and-baby-makes-three. Apparently, Dom has been fantasizing about this since the first time he laid those gorgeous eyes on Savi. I think my heart just melted. But I still can't decide if Dom is the right permanent partner for Savi. This is something we need to explore further, ladies and gentlemen. I feel an editorial coming on. What do you think?

By the end of the episode, Dom is out buying some big ass diamond earrings for Savi, then gets an eye-full of Savi hugging Zack, who looks like he might be about to pull Savi into a kiss. #Snap 

Harry's Planning to Hitch a Kangaroo Back to the Mother Land 

Harry returns from his time in Australia with his gorgeous sister by his side. This sister was jaw-dropping beautiful, my friends. As Joss once said, I do love me some male body parts, but this woman was so beautiful, she had me questioning my own allegiances. Does that sound weird? Did anyone else just fall in love with that gal despite her quasi-bitchiness toward Joss on the subject of Savi and Harry's marriage? 

Anyway, Harry tells Joss he's decided to return to Australia to take over the beachfront restaurant of his dreams. She tries to talk him out of it, to no avail. In an adorable walking scene in the park, Harry reveals that Joss is his best friend in the States. I love this scene. As a matter of fact, I think Joss has always been my favorite character on Mistresses. She's direct, adorable, sweet, well-meaning though loose (not a bad combination) and she's open-minded. What's not to love?

Hotty Scotty Has a Shoe Fetish

Joss and Scott had a less than stellar romp in the sack last week until he revealed a closet full of gorgeous designer shoes (drool) for her to wear to heat up the bedroom gymnastics. It seemed a little weird at first, but I'm a shoe girl myself, so I kinda found it hot. Hotter yet was his insistence that he gets to choose the shoes she'll wear and she has to earn them. This has created all kinds of adorable flirtatious activities and it certainly looks like they have found their bedroom mojo. This is the only coupling this week that seems to be doing well. 

Extra points for Scott when Joss's pillow talk consists of grousing over her frustrations with Savi and Harry. Never once did Scott complain. Dang. I'm hoping this guy is a keeper, folks.

Karen's Goose Almost Gets Cooked

April warned Karen about her anonymous slutting around last week, but Karen just couldn't quit because it was just too damn fun. Granted, Girlie Girl deserves some fun, but man, her ability to make good decisions continues to be questionable. So what happens this week? Exactly what April predicted!

Karen as Rebecca (not from Sunnybrook Farm, believe me) hooks up with this Ben guy this week, then runs into him again a second time and takes him straight to the bedroom. They end up liking each other and she wants to see him again, but the relationship has been built on a lie. Also, he admitted to her that he frequently comes to that hotel and pays women to warm his rented bed until morning. Now, that looks like a warning signal, but at least the guy is honest and he does deliver the best line of the night. 

If he could just prove he's free of STDs and his name really is Ben (?) and if Karen can locate him again, maybe there's a future for these two? It would actually be better if he lied about his name too. Then they can laugh and get back in bed. I can't believe I actually just wrote that. Where the hell have my scruples gone?

So What's Next?

By the end of "What Do You Really Want?" April learns that Samantha and her husband (the toad who took April out on a date a couple weeks ago) have an open marriage, Dom and Savi's relationship looks like it may be about to end up busted and Karen may or may not be able to relocate her newest lover. What I want to know, however, is what does Joss have to do to earn those black patent leather strappy Jimmy Choos with the gold zipper and the peek-a-boo toe? I'm hoping we'll find out next week when Mistresses returns with "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" next Monday.

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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