'Mistresses' Recap: Savi and Karen Take Dangerous Risks
'Mistresses' Recap: Savi and Karen Take Dangerous Risks
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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This week's Mistresses installment, "Friends With Benefits," exposed the tender underbellies of all four women. Karen faces her loneliness, Savi reveals a tragic life-altering secret to a new friend, April admits to a past she's ashamed of and Joss surprises herself by enjoying the blind date that never was. 

The ladies weren't the only ones getting vulnerable this week. April's Daniel wants to meet her friends and Dom admits his own need to go public to protect himself from the office hot tamale whom I've decided to nick name Toni the Tigress from here forward. 

Last Week On Mistresses ... 

Last week just about everyone was unlucky in love. Savi and Harry finally sold their house, and April and Karen had very bad dating experiences. Joss was conspicuously without storyline--other than not wanting to be the delivery girl between Harry and Savi who were in a very awkward and painful stage of their marriage grieving process. At Savi's law firm, Toni the Tigress threw herself at Dom and it looked like he may have gone for the gold in the end.

To top it off, in the final scene before the curtain fell some ominous stalkery dude calling himself Zack showed up at Savi's place but we have no idea what his agenda is or was. Youch.

A Busy Opening Sequence for Mistresses

When we open, Karen has a downer of a blind date with a guy who's gagging for details about her traumatic gunpoint experience. Blech. Joss and Harry, who I'm thinking might make a really cute couple eventually (Did I write that out loud?), get adorable new business cards and an invitation to a fundraiser for the low, low price of $5000 which Joss foots all on her lonesome, cuz Harry's more broke than she is. 

Stalkery Zack's Agenda Is Revealed and Savi Shares About the Baby

Okay, to begin with, we finally learn who this stalkery Zack dude is. He was the driver of the other car from Savi's accident about nine months ago. Stalkery Zack shares a cup of kitchen coffee with Savi and spins a tale of woe about his ruined life since the accident. Whew. Now that that's out of the way ... what does he want with our main character? Well, he says he wants to become chums with someone who understands what he's been through, but he sure does put on a long face and harp about his financial and familial hardships. God bless Savi who gets straight to the point. "So, what can I do for you, Stalkery Zack?" Dude gets all offended and stomps off. I smell some rad manipulation coming Savi's way and I am nervous, nervous, nervous for her.

By the end, however, it looks like there might be room for some real healing that perhaps only these two can provide for each other. Zack seems prickly for a while, but maybe that's just because of the horrible year he's had. While it looks to him like Savi recovered just fine from the accident, his life is in shambles and he's broke. Finally, Savi breaks down and tells him about the broken heart of a mother who was supposed to have a babe in arms by now. This part still gives me chills just thinking about it.

This is one of the things that truly impresses me about Alyssa Milano: she delivers an exquisite portrayal of emotional pain. During that scene when she tells Zack about her daughter I slowly and quietly lost it along with her. That poor woman. And what an actor. Hats off to you, Ms. Milano.

So what's in the future for the Zack-Savi relationship? From the images released by ABC it looks like Zack is going to help Savi get some tattoos. Getting a tattoo can be a cathartic experience, if you've ever done it. It's a way to reclaim yourself; to make a statement about being in control of something that is permanent and part of yourself. The spoilers insinuate that the other girls might be surprised by Savi's relationship, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I have to be honest though; I'm not so sure Savi can trust this guy. What do you think? Put in your two cents in our poll at the end of this recap.

Karen Hits Rock Bottom and Takes a Turn for the Worse

As mentioned above, Karen had some sh*tty dates last week and this week was even worse. She's so very lonely right now. Nothing says it better than the two lines from "Friends With Benefits" when Karen says she's so uncomfortable with "the way I feel in the world" and the way she feels around people "all the time." Oh, so sad. My heart goes out to this woman who has, just like Savi, been to hell and back yet has no one to hold her late into the night. Man. 

During sessions with her stunning therapy client Anna (Guest star Catherine Haena Kim), Karen learns about Anna's experience as an escort, a classy hooker. Karen is drawn to Anna's description of feeling beautiful, desired, and never lacking in companionship. This all looks like it's going in a very bad direction throughout the episode, culminating in the dinner April hosts to introduce everyone to Daniel. Karen has a breakdown when she sees all the loving couples in the restaurant. 

Anna seems so taken with the escorting experience that at one point I wondered if her character was on commission and trying to get more girls to join her prostitution ring. That's how effusive Anna was about the experience. What about the down side? What about disease and pregnancy and lonely holidays and accidentally falling in love with your John or getting the crap beat out of you when you accept the wrong job? What about all those things, Anna?

Predictably by the end, Karen dresses up sexy, meets a stranger at a bar and tells him her name is Jennifer. Jennifer will be her hoochie mama name, I guess. Oh, Karen. This is NOT the way to go! I don't know if I want to put my arms around this poor lost kitten or smack some sense into her. This will not end well. Just wait till the girls find out about this!

Joss Unexpectedly Meets Someone Lovely

Do you remember how I said above that Harry and Joss could make an adorable couple? Well, I stand by that, however, it is way too soon for anything to happen there. Fortunately though, Harry drops Kyra baby, who didn't eve know about Steve Martin's character in The Jerk. What is she, five years old?

Joss and Justin.jpg

At the fundraiser Harry and Joss attend with the purpose of drumming up some great business for their catering company, Joss meets Scott (guest star Justin Hartley of Revenge fame), the disgustingly tall, sharp and yummy plastic surgeon whom she learns too late is the blind date Harry's soon-to-be-ex Kyra, has arranged for her. Holy crap. Unfortunately for poor Scott, he is disgustingly rusty at the whole blind date thing and flounders almost all night, reminding Joss of a Labradoodle. How long before Joss yanks out some of Kyra's hair and attaches it to a voodoo doll with needles stuck in the eye sockets? Eh, by the next day Joss admits to Harry that Scott wasn't that bad of a surprise blind date after all. Hartley appears in the promos for at least one more episode so it looks like he'll be back. I, myself, will attempt to contain my glee, but I can't promise anything, people. I can be quote effusive when inspired. 

By the end of the episode, Joss and Harry have acquired three new clients and Scott has gifted Joss with a baby Labradoodle who could melt ice caps, it's so dang cute. Just like dear Justin, er, Scott.

So what's on the docket next week for "Playing With Fire" when Mistresses returns next week? I guess we'll have to tune in and find out.

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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