'Mistresses' Recap: Some Major Break-Ups and a Proposal Accepted
'Mistresses' Recap: Some Major Break-Ups and a Proposal Accepted
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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This week's Mistresses episode, "Why Do Fools Fall In Love," has everyone down on their knees begging for forgiveness. It's a veritable bloodbath of contrition as several characters find themselves in some really nasty (awesome) situations that make for great (fantastic) entertainment. Others end up totally screwed ... and not in a good way. Let's discuss.

We open slowly with Karen making a date with "tall drink of water" Jacob to cook him "dinner" at her place (food, then sex, or just sex). Don't let the slow start fool you. These two are the center of a jaw-dropping final scene. More on that in a moment.

The episode warms up two minutes later when Joss and Scott's shoe fetish boudoir romp suffers major coitus interruptus when Scott is texted an image of a patient's boob job. If that's not a mood killer, I don't know what is. Finally, the most incendiary part of the intro sequence is tossed into our laps as the shit hits the fan when Savi lies to Dom about what she did the previous night only to learn that Dom already knew she was with Zack. Bam! And we're off to the Mistresses, er, races, people.

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Vermont is Code for "Nude Models"

Suspecting Daniel (Ricky Whittle) may be cheating on her, April suggests they go to Vermont for the weekend. He agrees but then reneges and she confronts him with what she knows about at least two other women he's been seen with. Oh, snap! Daniel admits to there being another woman and we hold our breath to find out who. The tension has been mounting for several episodes and we all hold our collective breath to find out who. We want good things for this gorgeous, saddened saint of a woman, dammit. 

So, was it a sister? A cousin? An interior decorator? His brother's wife? No. Sit down, sisters ... the redheaded stepchild is his freakin' wife. His wife. Wha ... huh? Yeah. What the hell? Well, we knew he was too good to be true, right? He's just too much hotness for one woman, is that the deal? Daniel later pulls the whole "What we had was real, it was real, baby. I never expected to fall for you like I did ... blah blah blah." 

What kind of apology was that? The so-called "love" feeling real is supposed to make it okay to cheat? Unfortunately, April is lonely and ends up going back to Daniel's place later to "not talk" and ends up crying in his arms. Please, please, Mistresses fairies, give us a really good reason why Daniel is still married. Suggestions: she's a green card wife whom he has to stay married to for at least two years. Or they are estranged and she's now dying of cancer so he doesn't want to divorce her at such a difficult time. Come on, give us something good so April can finally be happy!

Joss is Felled by the Green-Eyed Monster But It Works in Her Favor

Joss and Scott (Justin Hartley) stumble into some rocky ground over the nature of his job as a plastic surgeon. Aside from the mammary cell phone message during the couple's non-sex, Joss and Scott are accosted by a pair of bouncing blue boobies while out on a date at the movie theater. Can you say awkward? Even I cringed at the audacity of Scott's patient's request that he feel her up right there in public. Dang. 

As Joss complains about all of this to Harry, it starts to look like this might be a really weak ending to the wonderful Joss and Scott story arc ... until Harry holds a mirror up to Joss, which has her eventually face that she might actually have feelings for this guy. 

Later, Scott misses a date and Joss chews him out, only to learn that he had a patient die on the table after a routine rhinoplasty that evening. Oops. Joss flees the scene of the argument, only to return contrite later and admit her jealously (which Harry had helped her to recognize. Go Harry!). Then, wonder of wonders, Scott admits that he's 100% in love with her and invites her to move in with him. What? And the crowd roars with excitement. Hopefully, this means we will be seeing a lot more of my boyfriend, Justin Hartley. 

I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but I'm all for this pairing because Jott (or should we call them Scoss?) are adorable together and the chemistry is pretty dang hot.
Honesty is Not Always the Best Policy

And now we are on to Savi and Dom. What a mess. After being caught in that nasty lie, Savi feels like crap, apologizes profusely to him and insists there is nothing between her and Zack (dishy Jason Gerhardt). Justifiably, Dom recommends they all have lunch together. Can you blame the guy? (Shake your head no.) Once they all meet, Dom starts in with an interrogation of the man in question. Then -- holy crap on a cracker -- Zack actually admits he has romantic feelings for Savi. Dom leaves in a justified huff and Savi is speechless.

You have to give Zack his props, though. Being honest about his feelings was a ballsy move and kinda makes him even more attractive to me. Is it just me or is anyone else surprised that no red lights or warning bells are ringing where Zack is concerned? You have to admit that there's yet to be anything disturbing about Zack's behavior since they became friends. 

In the middle of the episode, the piper must be paid. Dom questions Savi about why she needed to spend time with Zack. What am I not giving you in this relationship that you were able to get with him? he asks. And it's a valid question. Savi can't answer, so Dom gives her walking papers until she can figure it out. It's a sad moment but not unexpected. 

In her final scene, Savi meets with Harry, who breaks the news that he's returning to Australia. She breaks down and then fade to black on them until next week. I'm thinking that window of opportunity for these two exes may have just been flung open while the ink on their divorce papers is still wet. It's okay, ladies, you can quietly jump for joy along with me. According to our Savi Baby Daddy Poll, most of you want these two back together as much as I do. 
Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

Our final apology of the evening comes from Jacob and it's for Karen. During their dinner together at her house, he abruptly leaves mid-lip lock. His excuse: he's kinda seeing a younger gal and needs to break it off with her before getting further involved with Karen. Okay, that was awkward and a little forced as storylines go ... but we can overlook that. More problematic is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of natural chemistry between these two. I can't put my finger on it, but there it is.

Then the biggest shocker of the evening, one which had me yelling at my flatscreen, is the identity of Jacob's younger lover. Karen learns that it was her suicide-attempting hooker patient who turned Karen on to the exciting life of a floozy. Holy crap. So, what will happen now? Tune in next week to find out!

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