'Mistresses' Recap: Savi Hits Rock Bottom
'Mistresses' Recap: Savi Hits Rock Bottom
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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I never thought I'd ever think or say this, but I kinda missed Mistresses during the hiatus! In this week's episode, "Indecent Proposals," it's all about the men and how their actions directly affect the women. Savi hits rock bottom thanks to Harry, April is caught in the middle of Richard and Paul, and Karen finally faces Sam with the truth.

Moving On

Just when Harry moves out does the shower start leaking. It actually seems like the whole house is falling apart -- and it keeps Savi awake at night, which means she can't do her job because she's too busy napping. Not only that, she isn't taking care of herself much, either -- she barely has anything in the fridge since she hasn't gone food shopping for the last six years. Chalk it up to being married to a chef.

Yep, she's pretty much hit rock bottom. And not only that, Harry's being a bit of a jerk, making Savi figure out the leak for herself rather than coming over to fix it.

And then a knight in shining armor in the form of Dom comes up at her door. He brings her his sister's pregnancy video. They work together. He even helps her go shopping for a crib and other baby stuff.

Anyone else enjoy the chemistry between Savi and Dom a lot more than Savi and Harry? There seems to be a genuine ease between them, and the flirting is more believable. He brings out a side of her that she hasn't experienced in a while. Like wearing jeans and going to the mall in the middle of the week.

Just when everything's all laughter and smiles between Savi and Dom, they come back to Savi's house -- to find Harry there. Because even when Harry's a jerk, he ends up doing the right thing. He had come over to fix the leak himself, but then leaves in a huff. Then Savi makes Dom leave, too. Ugh, why?

This might be her real rock bottom.

Fighting for April

Richard's like the annoying fly you can't get out of your house. All he wants is to see his daughter, and April sees him in front of the school just waiting like someone who isn't supposed to be there.

But he doesn't listen. He won't. So Richard decides to pay a visit to Paul, as if your wife's new boyfriend could threaten his way to make you skip town. Then what happens next, Richard pretty much has coming. He puts a hundred dollar bill in Paul's shirt pocket, making a comment about buying a bus ticket and Paul's problems with money -- and then pats him where the money is.

That's when Paul throws a punch. And they just both punch each other. Paul winds up with a bruised cheek, and Richard has a busted lip. April doesn't react to Richard's heroics the way he wanted/expected her to. She yells at him to stay out of it, but Richard responds with how he can't be the shoulder she cries on for help and then get mad when he does something about it.

Guy's got a point.

Karen Gives In

This is the first episode where the women, for the most part, are separated from each other, and I don't like it. Even when Savi's giving advice to everyone, it's nice seeing the friends together. Savi and Joss have a scene in the beginning, and Savi and Karen see each other, too -- but they're not on the best of terms because of Karen's case.

But a lawyer mysteriously shows up at Karen's work. Natalie informs Karen that her story -- even if it's the truth -- of being alone the night Thomas Grey died won't hold up, so if she doesn't have an alibi, she needs to find one. And then Natalie tells Karen the truth -- that Elizabeth Grey isn't in it for the money, but instead to drag Karen through the mud and absolutely ruin her.

It turns out Sam's the one who sent the lawyer. Why would he do this when he knows his father was having an affair with Karen? Sam says it's because he knows his mother is lying with the case; plus, he's absolutely obsessed with Karen, so of course he'd do anything for her.

And really, her giving in to Sam? For someone who's smart at her job, Karen's so, so stupid when it comes to men.

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