'Mistresses' Recap: Savannah Faces Reality the Morning After
'Mistresses' Recap: Savannah Faces Reality the Morning After
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It was probably a good thing Mistresses' post-pilot episode "The Morning After" didn't deal with just the morning for the full hour since an entire day couldn't make the episode all that interesting. The plot crawled along.

The morning after, Savi deals with her guilt of cheating on her husband. April has to deal with the realities of her husband having had an affair. How long can Karen keep Sam away from her? And what the heck is Josslyn's purpose on this show?

The Guilt Trip

Savi's overcome with guilt -- and dying to tell her friends. April has called both of them over to talk about her own mess, and Savi rightfully keeps her mouth shut. It's kind of bad timing to divulge that you cheated on your husband right after your best friend finds out that her husband has a mistress. 

But later, she does tell April, and I don't know why. Why is a few hours later better than that morning? A few days, maybe. A few weeks later, why not. But April's wounds are still fresh, and her reaction -- a mix of disgust and disbelief -- isn't surprising. It's a pretty selfish thing to do.

Although Savi tells her secret to April and Karen, she keeps it from her own sister. Is it because she's technically living with them and doesn't think she'll keep a secret? It might be a little bit of both. It does seem like they're close, so I can't tell why she's keeping it from only her. (Well, and her husband, obviously.) 

Money-Hungry Mistress

I don't know if April describing her husband's actions is supposed to make us laugh, but it does: "He's a dead, lying sack of ass." Maybe because no one would ever say those words like that, but that's all that could be said because it's primetime ABC.

April only started receiving the calls from the other woman after she cashed in her insurance check, so Savi's digs into the other woman's background to see if she's shady. This is the second time Savi uses her job to do stuff for her friends. The first time was tracing the call and now this. I'm not a lawyer so I haven't the slightest idea, but are you allowed to do this? Also, if you are, I'm pretty sure it doesn't take a couple of hours to find out all this information. Right?

Anyway, the woman seems to check out fine on paper. While going through a drawer filled with her husband's things, she finds a business card for a car rental place. The owner there confirms that her husband bought an SUV, and it confirms April's suspicions.

She then goes to see the woman, who pretty much says she wants what April's daughter has -- money. Just as the camera pans out to show the motel room confirming that the mistress' child and April's daughter live two different lives. She better get a paternity test before giving a penny away! Hey, I've watched Jerry Springer, too.

Chatty Therapist

Karen meets up with Sam, who's going back to school and back to his life. But he's a bit of a klutz and ends up crashing the table and spilling water all over Karen's skirt. Later, he tries to give her some money for dry cleaning, but she blows up at him, telling him to stay away from her. Lady, you're older than him and should've dealt with the situation a bit better than freaking out. But maybe she thought that was the only way he'd stay away.

With the insurance investigation underway for Sam's father, a guy visits Karen wanting to know more about his condition leading up to his death. It sounds all routine, but the guy seems like a bit of a jerk, and plus, he's with the insurance company, which probably doesn't want to pay the claim.

But it's a bit unnerving that Karen is so quickly willing to divulge info. What happened to doctor-patient confidentiality? Does that go out the window once the person dies? I wouldn't think so. The fact that she's so eager to spill might be a red flag. She certainly doesn't tell the truth.

Odd One Out

Is Josslyn even friends with Karen and April? Or is she around by default because of Savi? She has her own thing going on in this episode and doesn't even have scenes with Karen and April. In the beginning, when April had called Karen over, Karen asked whether she called Savi. Well, what about Josslyn?

She does show she cares for her sister when she's willing to listen and give Harry some advice. And then besides that, she's totally irrelevant. 

But back to Savi, who's comes to the conclusion that she cheated on her husband because she didn't want the baby. Or something. She realizes she has been scheduling her sex life and that led to so much pressure -- and eventually, a rut. So she had to do something where she could feel again, when in reality she's scared to give up her husband for the baby.

And then they get it on. Next week, we see Savi receiving the results of her pregnancy test. Unless there's some time jumping, you don't get knocked up the next day. So that'll be interesting to see.

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