'Mistresses' Poll: Who Would Be the Best Baby Daddy for Savi?
'Mistresses' Poll: Who Would Be the Best Baby Daddy for Savi?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Last night's Mistresses ushered in the most surprising epiphany for our go-to girl, Savi Davis. She says she wants to have a baby! But who should be the father? She has several options and any one of them could do the trick, even if Harry needed a little medical intervention. It's time we weigh in about Savi's love choices, and this is the place to do it.

ABC's Mistresses remains such an enjoyable romp that viewers hate it when the ten o'clock hour every Monday night is over. Part of the delight in the series is the delicious men who steam up our screens as they make love, both literally and figuratively, to our four main characters. At this point Savi has three major men in her life: ex-husband Harry, legal colleague Dom, and Zack. It actually makes some kind of crazy sense that after the loss of her pregnancy Savi might have baby fever, but the timing really sucks right now. That aside, which Mistresses hottie could be her true soul mate who she should parent a child with?

Would Dom Make a Good Baby Daddy?

The fact of the matter is that the best daddy for a baby is the one who treats the mommy with the most love and tender care. We're talking about a good man who would do anything for his good woman, but who also lights her fire like no one else can.

Delicious Dom (Jason George) is Savi's current main squeeze, but it looks like there is trouble brewing since he got an eye full of Savi with Zak at the end of last night's "What Do You Really Want?" episode.

Dom also seems to be the perfect lover. Not only is he gorgeous, but he's a total sweetheart to Savi. When Savi dropped the baby bomb, Dom said he'd rather get married and play a bit before they have a baby. He's intentions seem pure and he's impervious to the advances of any other woman. On top of all that, his swimmers (sperm) are proven athletes. These are all pluses, but do they beat out the negatives?

Stacked against Dom are the complications of a workplace romance, the lack of animal magnetism between him and Savi, her other relationships with men, and a fiercely determined office minx who keeps shoving her breasts in Dom's face.

Zack on the Prowl

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to the another stalkery victim of Savi's tragic car accident, Zack Kilmer (Jason Gerhardt). He claims to only need someone to talk to who understands his situation, but his grousing about his losses form the accident raised our suspicious to an almost fever pitch. However, after Savi and Zack's heart-to-heart about Savi's own losses, namely her pregnancy, Zack is looking more and more like a good guy. If he had any ulterior motives, he's dropped them ... for now at least.

Savi and Zack.jpg

The up side of a romantic relationship with Zack is that he does understand what she's been through and he's doing a great job of infusing some true joy back into Savi's life. The chemistry between these two could be easily fanned to a burning flame if given the chance, but his down sides are many: he's broke and unemployed, and his true intentions are still not clear. Plus, he's only just met her. What do you think?

Heart-Broken Harry

Folks, Harry says he's returning to Australia, but he clearly won't be satisfied there for long. Will he be making a literal come-back later this season? And why should he? Because the chemistry between him and Savi positively zings all over the room when they share the screen. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but didn't you think they were on the verge of tearing each other's clothes off at least twice this season including last night after they signed their divorce papers? Come on, people!

Savi and Harry.jpg

Perhaps Brett Tucker is moving on to a new project and this truly is the end for the character, but this relationship just doesn't seem finished. It's clear they still love each other. As far as fathering a baby, Harry's the least most likely to get 'er done, but reproductive technology can work miracles these days. Another downside (other than the fact that he may be actually leaving, but let's pretend he's not) is that he's a workaholic ... and that's what killed their relationship the first time. Can the two come back wiser and more committed after what they've been through?

Well there you have it, ladies. Did your opinions match with your fellow Mistresses viewers? Tune in next week when the plot gets even thicker in "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" when Dom confronts Savi about Zack and it doesn't go well at all.

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