'Mistresses' Poll: Was April Right to Sleep with Daniel?
'Mistresses' Poll: Was April Right to Sleep with Daniel?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Last night's Mistresses, "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?,"  had a couple of surprises: Jacob was dating Karen's suicidal patient, Zack admits to having feelings for Savi, and Joss is moving in with Scott. The one that really got me though, was Daniel's revelation that he's married. Say what? Okay. Back up. Run that by me again. Sexy Smoldering is ... married?

Holy adultrification, Batman. April just cannot get a break! Even sadder was April's heartbroken return to Daniel's apartment in the end with no intention of talking. What is happening? Well, the name of the show is Mistresses, not Girlfriends or Sex in the City. So, come on, we shouldn't be too surprised. However, of the four women, April seems to be the only one with a conscience, so her going back to him did surprise me. Did it surprise you?

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So lets review April's catastrophic love life and see if we can figure out what she might do next, shall we?

Richard, the Right Guy at the Wrong Time

Richard is a fellow single parent and a pretty nice guy. After several false starts and when things seem to be finally moving forward Dead-Paul-Walking shows up and the romance with Richard must end. Maybe April could have had a decent run with Richard, but he's not that interesting and the chemistry was nothing to write home about. So, no big loss, but April remains lonely.

Peek-A-Boo Paul, AKA: The Dead Lying Sack of Ass

In the Mistresses pilot, we learn April and Lucy are grieving the death of her husband, Paul. Then ... right as things were going well with Richard ... surprise! Paul ends up being an '(un)dead lying sack of ass' who'd actually lost his job and started another family elsewhere (not necessarily in that order). Paul's new family is financially strapped, so his woman shows up to threaten April into giving her money. Wow. That takes cojones, people. The nerve! Things get more complicated when April sleeps with Paul, then finally kicks him to the curb along with his conniving new wife (?). Well, at least now it will be easier for her to move on, right?

Steven, Another Sorry Sack

While waiting for the phone to ring with a message from Daniel, whom we will get to in a moment, April accepts a coffee date with Steven, the father of another one of Lucy's classmates. The date is fantastically boring but the plot line gets juicier when April learns that Steven is married to Samantha, the same woman who talked her into having a parents' party at her store. Wow. This was just crazy! Ends up Samantha and Steven have an open marriage. Steven remains a cad, however, making advances on April right there in his own home while Samantha looks the other way. 

And There was Daniel

Hot. Sexy Smoldering. Beautifully built. Romantic. This guy seems too good to be true. BECAUSE HE IS, PEOPLE! You know the story here: after meeting Lucy, trading admissions of love, and lots and lots of awesomely steamy sex, Daniel is forced to come clean about being married. What. The. Hell. Daniel seems to believe that having real feelings for April should make it okay that he's a total cheater. So, I have two questions for you which I will pose in a moment.

RatBastard Daniel.jpg

Should it have been a huge shock that Daniel was married? We did see him in an earlier episode answering a call from someone called Jessica. We did see him at the bar with a beautiful red head. He has been taking mysterious trips to Vermont at odd hours. So, we knew something was up. Were you as surprised as I was that the man's actually M-a-r-r-i-e-d? We've yet to hear a good reason for why Daniel thought it was okay to engage April, the Angel of the Mistresses quartet, in a lusty romp. What do you think might be his excuse? I'm hoping he comes up with a good explanation and soon. What do you think?

Alright, with that question behind us and our fingers crossed for some kind of believable/acceptable explanation next week, what about April's actions? With full knowledge that Daniel's married - even though she has yet to learn the whole story - should she have slept with him anyway?

Hopefully next week's episode, "An Affair to Surrender," will bring some answers for April. Regardless, maybe it is time someone in this show becomes an actual mistress. See you next week!

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC. 

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